Oliver Todd, known also as Hollywood, was a member of Shane Schofield's Recon Team.


Before Ice StationEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Oliver Todd joined the United States Marine Corps, where he gained the call-sign Hollywood

He was eventually assigned to the Marine Recon Unit 16, led by Shane Schofield.

Ice StationEdit

Hollywood was sent to Wilkes Ice Station with the rest of Unit 16 after a distress call was recieved from the station, and was part of Schofield's initial arrival sub-team. He and Gant observed the killer whales in the diving pool with Kirsty Hensleigh, during which he teased the female soldier of her apparent crush on Schofield, after she mocked him for his lack of interest in reading.

When the French attacked the station, Hollywood and Book stayed together in an attempt to hold off the attacking French soldiers, only to find themselves with the civilians. One of their enemies threw a fragmentation grenade into the hallway prompting the two to order eveyone into rooms linning the hall to escape it. However Hollywood slipped, and was unable to reach safety before the grenades went off, piercing his body with hundreds of pieces of shrapnel.

His body was among those recovered after the battle, and placed in a storage freezer so that it could be preserved until a proper buriel could be made. However Hollywood's body was destroyed when a nuclear missile vaporised Wilkes.


  • According to Gant, Hollywood only reads comic books and Playboy magazines.