Oleg Omansky, known by others simply as the Hungarian, is a bounty hunter.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Oleg Omansky used to work for the Hungarian Secret Police, where he attained the rank of Major. He soon gained a reputation for using violence rather than brains to accomplish tasks.

After the purging of the organisation, Omansky became a bounty hunter, wherein many came to know him as the Hungarian. During his exploits, he managed to obtain his own personal plane, a Yakovlev Yak-141.


When word of a bounty hunt for fifteen poeple to be killed went out, the Hungarian decided to participate for the huge sum being offered. He chose to go after some of the American soldiers sent on a sham mission to a former Soviet missile silo.

Upon arrivial, he immeditately noticed two Marines on top of the missile silo firing at him. Recognising one as Shane Schofield from the list, the Hungarian moved in closer, unaware that Schofield wanted to get on his Yak so that they could escape the silo, which some Executive Solutions men had set to blow.

After landing on another building following the detonation, the Hungarian disembarked his plane, only to find himself held at gunpoint by Schofield and Book II, who demanded to know who he was, where the bounty was to be collected and who was running the bounty hunt. The Hungarian told him what he knew, and because he had not actually done anything to him, Schofield warned the Hungarian to leave Krask-8 before a torpedo blew it up before the two Marines stole his Yak.

The Hungarian managed to get clear, however the torpedo was destroyed by the Black Knight before impact, and the Hungarian chose to observe his fellow bounty hunter's quick investigation of the area.