The Northmen Tribe Chief is the leader of the Northman tribe.


Before Troll MountainEdit

The chief of the Northmen tribe comes from a long dynasty of tribal chiefs. He is the eldest son of the last tribal chief who was also the son of a chief. For generations this ruling family has been taller, sturdier and stronger than the rest of the tribe. As a result, they assumed the mantle of the tribe’s warriors.

The chief was a fine warrior in his youth as, like all members of the ruling clan, he learnt the art of fighting from his father and uncles. He has produced a number of warrior sons but is most fond of his young daughter, Lilibala, and holds his third son Bader in high esteem. Every year he holds the harvest games where he watches his warrior sons fight. He is particularly proud of the Northmen tribe’s reputation.

When Raf tried to help the chief by offering to make more double-bladed axes for the tribe’s warriors, the chief simply laughed at him, believing there was no need for a second blade on an axe.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

When Lilibala became ill with the disease, he refused to make any deal with the trolls out of his own pride. He instead sent Bader to demand the elixir from the trolls. However after sixteen days, there was no word or sign that Bader's group had succeeded in securing the elixir.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

Like his fellow Northmen, the chief has fair hair and skin. His hair is cropped short, although he has a long beard that covers his fat chin. The chief enjoys the best food from the tribe’s crops and has grown fat during his reign. Although most of the tribesfolk see the chief as a man of action, he is adverse to change and considers any new developments (of weapons or farming) foolish. Very few of the tribesfolk have the courage to question the chief on these matters as he has been known to beat and exile anyone who disagrees with him. He enjoys life; drinking mead with the village elders, eating the best of the tribe’s harvest and doting on his daughter.


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