« "We do not bargin with trolls! Other tribes may, but the reputation of the Northmen is a currency they do not possess!" »
— The Northmen Tribe's Chief on their pride
The Northmen Tribe is a tribe of humans who live in the river valley. They live in the north section of the valley, close to the Black Mountains.


Early HistoryEdit

Since they settled in the river valley, the Northmen tribe has lived in woods close to the river that runs from the mountains through the valley. Most people live in small hovels and farm little plots of land near their home. The ruling clan and elders live in larger huts in the middle of the village. The tribe has cleared some of the woodland and planted crops that are harvested regularly. They live off this harvest as well as off the small game that they regularly hunt in the woodlands.

The location of the Northmen’s village has often left them vulnerable to attack from numerous enemies. As they are wedged between the Badlands and the Southmen tribal areas, they often have to defend themselves from attacks by rogue trolls, hobgoblins, wolves and Southmen. The two human tribes have long been rivals, although no one can remember why.

In recent years the Northmen have suffered because the trolls have cut off the water supply into the valley. The land became barren, their crops failed and game became scarce. Now many people of the tribe are dying from the mysterious disease.

Troll MountainEdit


Known MembersEdit

Several others whose names are unknown


Physical FeaturesEdit

With fair hair and skin, the Northmen are generally of average height for a human, between five to six feet tall. Members of the ruling clan have been taller than the other Northmen for several generations and they stand at over six feet.

Northmen SocietyEdit

The tribe has a significant, but simple, social hierarchy. They are led by the tribal chief who is the eldest son of the ruling clan. He and his sons, like Bader, are the tribe’s warriors and they alone are taught how to wield the axe and other weapons. The ruling clan are supported by a group of elders who are the custodians of information about the area, farming practices and historical stories. The rest of the tribe works hard to farm and supply everyone with food. The ruling clan takes the best of the harvest and holds an annual celebration known as the harvest games.

Trivia Edit


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