Nicholas Tate III is the Domestic Policy Adviser for the President of the United States.


Area 7Edit

Nicholas Tate III was part of the President's group journeying to Area 7 on Marine One. Before landing, Tate attempted to ask out Elizabeth Gant, as well as give her an expensive necklace for her birthday. While undeterred by her protest that she was already seeing Shane SchofieldMother helped Gant to get away from him.

When they arrived at Area 7, Tate tried his luck with Gant again, offering her the chance to join him for coffee onboard Marine One while they waited for the President to finish inspecting the facility, though she declined again.

When the base was taken over by Charles "Caesar" Russell, Tate was with "Ramrod" Hagerty on Marine One, where the two managed to avoid being slaughtered by the 7th Squadron

When Schofield's team attempted to retrieve the Football, Gant and Elvis used Marine One as part of the distraction, and in doing so found Tate and Hagerty, and took them with them when they retreated. They rejoined with the President, and attempted an escape from Area 7 on the X-rail, but Tate, along with many others, were forced to abandon it when Bravo unit launched grenades at their carriage.

When Gant came up with a plan to to stop the transmitter on the President's heart, Tate and Hagerty were left behind in the Level 1 hanger for their own safety. When Gant's group was captured by the escaped prisoners, Tate wondered if they were alright, before noticing that Hargerty had disappeared and left his Annapolis ring behind, having been captured by another escaped prisoner.

Tate panicked and attempted to search for Hagerty, only to run into a family of bears on the ramp. He then ran back to the mini-elevator, just as Schofield, the President and Mother were coming down. He warned them about the bears, but they were dubious because of his rambling state, but they were more concerned by his revelation of Hargerty's disapperance. Tate ended up traveling with them to Area 8 on the X-rail, staring absently at his cell phone during the journey.

As they arrived at Area 8, Tate ridiculously made a call to his stock broker, however, a DIA Agent named Fairfax intercepted his call. As Tate demanded that Fairfax identify himself, Schofield questioned what he was doing. Because he was very serious in his answer to sell his U.S. dollars because of their crisis, Schofield believed Tate had been broken by the day's events, and took his phone to talk to Fairfax.

Tate decided to stay in the relative safety of Area 8, and was likely later found by friendly forces when the threat was over.



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