« "Captain, nasty does not even begin to describe the Neetha. Carnivore would be better. Ordinary cannibals kill you before they eat you. The Neetha do not give you that dignity." »
Iolanthe Compton-Jones describes the Neetha Tribe
The Neetha are an African tribe known for their brutality, cannibalism and elusiveness.

History Edit

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

The Neetha were already an old tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when they stumbled across the remains of a super-ancient civilisation that created the Machine, which they turned into their own home.

Over time they learned the language of Thoth, and how to speak it, from various dialects in the settlement, the existance of the Dark Sun, and discovered the Delphic Orb and the Second Pillar of the Machine. They began worshipping the Dark Star as their God, Nepthys, and came to call it such after the arrival of the Greek explorer Hieronymus in 205 B.C., who stole the Delphic Orb, but returned it to the Neetha late in his life. The Neetha also began using Hyenas as guard dogs, and learned the secrets of the maze in their settlement. The Neethan Warlocks, among them Yanis, were put in charge of their treasures and knowledge.

Towards the present day, many groups of explorers, warmongers and security patrols stumbled upon the Neetha's location, among them the explorer Henry Morton Stanley, who barely escaped with his life. They destroyed vehicles that had brought the intruders and killed them to keep their location secret, as preventing an intruder from escaping was the highest honour. It is suspected that the Neetha were responsible for the disappearance of a thousand Rwandan refugees following the 1998 genocides.

In 2002, anthropologist Diane Cassidy led an expedition to find the Neetha, but were captured. She was allowed to live as the current Chief Rano's eighth wife, while the rest of her party was devoured. Over the five years she was imprisoned, she taught Ono English and came to learn to speak the language of Thoth.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Max "Wizard" Epper, Zoe Kissane, Lily West, Alby Calvin and Solomon Kol set search for the Neetha Tribe, believing that they pocessed one of the Pillars when the time came to prepare the Machine. However, believing that no one had ever found the Neetha before, they were easily captured just outside of their settlement when their helicopter was destroyed while looking at ancient wooden statues.

Known NeethansEdit

  • Rano (the Tribe Chief)
  • Yanis (the Warlock)
  • Warano (the Chief's first son)
  • Ono (the Chief's seventh son)

Several others whose names are unknown


Physical FeaturesEdit

The entire Neetha tribe suffers from proteus disease, giving them facial deformaties due to their cannibalistic diet and inbreeding over the generations. 

Neetha SocietyEdit



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