Mitch Healy, also known as Ratman, was a member of Shane Schofield's recon team.


Before Ice StationEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Mitch Healy joined the United States Marine Corps, where he gained the call-sign Ratman

He was eventually assigned to the Marine Recon Unit 16, led by Shane Schofield.

Ice StationEdit

Ratman was among those in the team sent to Wilkes Ice Station after a distress call was recieved from the station. During the French attack, Ratman was on A-deck attempting to defend the station from the enemy paratroopers, only to be killed during the first attack.

His body was among those recovered after the battle, and placed in a storage freezer so that it could be preserved until a proper buriel could be made.

Later, his helmet would be given to James Renshaw when the station was evacuated for fear of the incoming S.A.S soldiers.

Unfortunately Ratman's body was destroyed when a nuclear missile vaporised Wilkes.