Neanderthals, known primarily as Minotaurs by the Four Legendary Kingdoms, are a species of humanoids which are treated as a slave labour for the Underworld.


Early HistoryEdit

In spite of the beliefs that the Neanderthals went extinct 40,000 years ago, they in fact managed to survive in a remote region of India. They were eventually found by the earliest members of the Four Legendary Kingdoms, who enslaved them and forced them to work in the Underworld.

Over the centuries, they would be derogatively referred to as Minotaurs. In the myths that they appeared in, the Minotaurs would be described with bull-like heads, however this was misinterpreted due to the bull-shaped helmets they often wore.

Most of the rulers of the Underworld, who would go by the title Hades, would treat the Minotaurs with no respect, and the members of the Four Legendary Kingdoms simply believed them to be dull-witted beasts.

As they worked in the Underworld, some of their kind would participate in the First Challenge of the Great Games of the Hydra, in which participants would have to face off against one to continue. However, those participants that failed to kill their Minotaur would instead be replaced in the remaining Challenges by said Minotaur.

Before The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

When the latest Underworld ruler, Anthony DeSaxe, took on the title of Hades, he surprised the Minotaurs by being much kinder and fairer towards them than his predacessors. Indeed, the Minotaur King, Minotus, became a good friend to this Hades. However, Anthony's son, Dion and Zaitan, secretly treated the Minotaurs horribly, killing and torturing them for fun. The only reason they did not alert Anthony to their actions was because the Minotaurs believed that when Dion eventually replaced his father, he would make things far worse for them than if they said nothing.

Prior to the commencement of the Fourth Great Games, Anthony told Minotus that he would allow his people their freedom once the Games were completed.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit


Known MinotaursEdit





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