Mike Fraser is a small-time thief.



In the early hours of the morning, Mike Fraser broke into the New York City Library via the booster valve room from the subway system, looking to steal computers. After bracing his escape door with a book, he set to work, however he attracted the attention of security guard Terry Ryan. He attempted to flee through the lowers floors of the library, but was tackled and cornered.

Initially scornful of Ryan's demands to put on his handcuffs, they were both surprised when they heard something large approaching. Fraser began to panic, even more so when he saw a large creature come up behind Ryan. He wa forced to witness the creature slaughter the security guard, and was left alone and covered in blood long after Ryan died.

The traumatised Fraser was found by library staff and handed over to the police as they began to investigate Ryan's death. Attempts to get Fraser to talk failed, and so he was left in a cell so that later interogation could occur once further analysis of the library could be completed

When the electrician Robert Charlton came to Captain Henry Dickson to check into a mysterious powercut occuring around the library, Dickson showed him to Fraer, wondering if he might have interfered with the boosters on his way into the library. While he only repeated Ryan's final warnings for Fraser to be quiet to the pair, Fraser gained enough sense to warn Charlton not to go to the library, as death would certainly find him there.



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