Max Kent, also known by his call-sign Clark, is a U.S. Marine.


Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Max Kent joined the United States Marine Corps, where he gained the call-sign Clark.


In the early hours of October 25th 2003, Clark was among the Marines under Shane Schofield's command that were dispatched to assist two Delta teams fighting Chechen terrorists at a former Soviet base known as Krask-8. As they prepared to drop from their B-2 stealth bomber, Clark, being the team's loadmaster, guided the descent of their falling Light Attack vehicle.

Soon after they arrived at Krask-8, Clark joined Schofield's sub-team in searching the facility's maintenance building for signs of the Delta forces, since they had heard from them or seen any sign of the terrorists. Clark was shocked when they came across the bodies of McCabe's team, McCabe himself having been gruesomely decapitated. Moments after Bull reported the same thing with Farrell's Delta team, Schofield realised they had been set up, and Clark was able to avoid the hailstorm of bullets that erupted around them, and then took cover in the building's dry-dock pit.

Clark became worried when Schofield and Book II realised their assailants were mercenaries, and soon the trio took cover inside the Typhoon-class submarine once they flooded the dry-dock to distract their enemies. After Schofield used the sub's equipment to identify the mercenaries' commander, Cedric Wexley, Clark and the others confronted him, though Wexley's bodyguard managed to shoot Clark in the shoulder. As Clark's wound was looked at by Book II, Wexley revealed the attack was due to a bounty on Schofield's head.

As the Marines prepared to leave, Schofield and Book II helped the wounded Clark get back to his feet, only for the younger Marine to suddenly get shot dead from behind by the approaching Ex-Sol men.


  • Clark's call-sign stems from his last name, Kent, which when put together makes the name Clark Kent, the secret alter-ego of the DC Comics hero Superman.