« "I am that worst of things: a necessary evil. I am the dark side of America's psyche." »
— Calderon on himself

Marius Calderon, also known as the Lord of Anarchy, is a CIA opertive who founded the Army of Thieves.


Early HistoryEdit

Marius Calderon's was a "rising star" in the CIA during the early 1980's, and served in almost all of their operational divisions at one point or another during his career, spending the most time in their psychological warfare division.

In 1982, he authored a paper predicting the rise of China as a global superpower by the year 2010, one that would threaten the United States' position as the world's strongest economy. By 1984, he had conceived Operation 'Dragonslayer' to directly counter this perceived threat. Calderon arranged for plans to a super weapon that could ignite the earth's atmosphere to be "stolen" by the Russians, planting false data to suggest that the weapon would decimate the United States when in reality, it would destroy China and Europe, with very little of the U.S. being damaged.

Nearly thirty years later, he assembled the Army of Thieves from African militants and South American guerillas, particularly some whom Calderon had trained personally. He took great measures to protect his identity - even from most of the Army - undergoing plastic surgery to make it appear as though he had acid scars on his face, as well as wide-lensed sunglasses and contact lenses. To prevent anyone from the Army from knowing his name, he had them refer to him only using monikers such as the Lord of Anarchy

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

After Shane Schofield prevents Calderon's plans for igniting a firestorm that would devastate the northern hemisphere, Calderon escapes in a miniature submarine. According to the CIA, Calderon was found dead by a Norwegian fishing trawler, as the submarine was disabled by a nuclear explosion, and Calderon suffocated after being trapped on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. However, Schofield finds evidence that he survived, when he returns home to find the glasses that Calderon had taken from him are on his bed.

Personality Edit

He is gifted with extraordinary foresight, and an expert in psychological warfare. Calderon claims to have "forgotten more about torture than [most] will ever know", and believes that the only effective way to encourage his victims to talk is to torture someone they care about in front of them. He further claims that this tactic has led to the prevention of six terrorist attacks "on the same scale of September 11". Calderon uses psychological indoctrination to commander absolute loyalty among his followers


  • If indeed Calderon is still alive, and returns, this would make him the first main antagonist (in the Scarecrow series) to appear more than once.
  • Like most other the other villains in Reilly's novels, Calderon has a defining physical feature, in his case the acid-burned skin on his jaw.
    • However, these scars are only surgical changes done for the sake of disguise, unlike the accidents that befell most of the other villains or birth defects of others.
    • Calderon's acid scars, along with the other surgical alterations, are likely to have been removed following his supposed death.

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