The Marine Reconnaissance Unit 9 is a team of Marines led by Elizabeth Gant.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Sometime during 2003, following Elizabeth Gant's promotion to First-Lieutenant, the unit was formed, and Gena "Mother" Newman was assigned to be her Team Chief.

On the 25th of October 2003, the unit was sent to join an Allied force to infiltrate an Al-Qaeda base in the Karpalov coalmine.


After using a pair of LAV-25s to enter the mine quickly, Gant then sent Pokey and Freddy to flush out the terrorists using RPGs. As the rest of the unit met up with SAS Major William Ashcroft, who informed Gant of the difficulty they were having with the Al-Qaeda barricades.

As Ashcroft went to speak with a new unit that arrived just moments after Unit 9, Gant recalled Colonel Walker's noting that they wouldn't be able to get another unit in for 30 minutes. To her shock, the new unit suddenly decapitated Ashcroft and opened fire on the Allied forces, and Gant, Mother and the remaining two soldiers in the unit were the only ones to escape the gunfire, right into no-man's-land.

While Freddy and Pokey ended up drawn into Schofield's attempt to rescue Gant, Gant and her remaining team set up the targetting laser for the incoming bomb intended to destroy the mine. However, they were scattered as the two unnamed Marines were trampled by fleeing Al-Qaeda men, Mother was drawn away on a rock crusher and Gant captured by the IG-88.

Team MembersEdit


Recon Unit 9 serves the Marine Corps, performing operations that involve scouting out bases, or securing locations in preperation for a fully equiped team.


  • After the events of Scarecrow, the unit was presumably disbanded or else remade from a new group of soldiers.