Marianne Retter is an analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency.


Before Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Mariannce Retter once worked in the Internal Counter Intelligence department of the Defence Intelligence Agency.

Retter compiled a report on the unknown anarchistic militia group known as the Army of Thieves for the President, noting their attacks and her suspicion that another would occur soon.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

When the President requested her pressence on an urgent matter, Retter assumed correctly that it was to do with the Army of Thieves. She was approached by David Fairfax, who had information regarding the current crisis and asked to collaborate while she began making her way to the car that would take her to the White House. Both admitted suspicious about how an irregular army such as the Army of Thieves would be able to carry out a string of attacks against high-value targets to arm themselves, and before Retter got in the car, Fairfax realised that the escort was a fake, and the two fled.

Taking momentary refuge at an internet cafe, their suspicions were confirmed when they accessed a file written by a CIA operative named Marius Calderon (whom Retter had heard of during her research into the Army) was writing about Dragon Island before the Soviet Union actually built anything there. Fairfax and Retter realise that the Army of Thieves' leader is actually Calderon, who predicted the rise of China as an economic superpower by 2010 as early as 1982 and leaked to the Soviet Union the plans to the Tesla weapon the Army of Thieves is preparing. Realising the catastrophe that would occur to Russian, China and India, both Fairfax and Retter send the file to Fairfax's Marine contact, Shane Schofield, and tried to figure a way to get Retter to her meeting with he President.

Finding the White House under CIA surveillance, Fairfax drives their car into the front gate, allowing him and Retter to be picked up by Secret Serviceman, who then led them on to the Situation Room. Retter then briefed the crisis team on what she and Fairfax had discovered, and were soon contacted by Schofield, who had averted the Tesla weapon's activation.

Along with Fairfax, Schofield and his surviving team-mates, Retter recieved medals for her part in stopping the Army of Thieves.



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