Mao Gongli, also known as the Butcher of Tiananmen, is a Chinese Colonel.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Like many others born around the time he was, Mao was patriotically named after Chairman Mao.

At some point in his life he joined the Chinese armed forces. During his time as a Major in 1989, Mao participated in the events around Tiananman Square, and his work there earned him the nickname the Butcher of Tiananmen.

He also had a brief relationship with a woman, who bore him a son. It is unclear if Mao ever cared for them, or even acknowledged them.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission to restore the Golden Capstone in 2006, Mao joined forces with Jack "Wolf" West Sr, Vulture and Scimitar to find the six Pillars and restore the Machine to prevent the Dark Sun destroying life on Earth. In exchange for his help, Mao would share the Second Pillar and its reward, heat, with the Americans.

As Max "Wizard" Epper was the leading expert on things revolving around the Machine, Mao was tasked to capture him so that they could extract information from him. Because they also required the Firestone, Mao decided to use a war game between Australian and America as an opportunity to invade Jack West Jr.'s farm.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Mao arrived with some of his forces in the Witch Mountain area of China, where Wizard and Tank Tanaka were performing research. After killing Wizard's student for no reason, Mao confronted the pair and captured them, claiming that they were now working for him. Sending them off to Xintan Prison for holding, Mao attempted to reach the Philosopher's Stone in the tomb, but was constantly slowed down by booby traps. Because his crude methods of surpassing them were too slow, Mao sent orders to have Wizard and Tank tortured to see if they might know how to get through.

However, Wizard and Tank were liberated by Jack and his team, and entered the tomb and quickly caught up to Mao. As he and his team were brought down by tear gas grenades, Mao remained conscious long enough to see Jack pistol-whip him right in the nose.

Later, Mao joined Wolf at his mine in Ethiopia, where Jack had been crucified by his father's workers. Jack noted their alliance, and called out to Mao to tell him that Wolf would likely kill him when the mission was over. Mao, however, was prepared to accept this risk, and pointed out that Wolf was the only thing keeping him from killing Jack himself for the earlier pistol-whipping. After Jack's apparent death, Mao left the mine with Wolf and Iolanthe Compton-Jones.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit



Mao is brutal, and has seen and performed so many terrible actions that he has reached the point where he doesn't care about who else lives or dies if they get in his way. He is willing to make sacrifices to get what he wants, either for himself orfor his country, but his anger management problems makes things difficult for him since he won't take the time to slow down and think in such tense situations.



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