Malena is the mother of the twin children of the Oracle of Siwa, Lily and Alexander.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Malena married the previous Oracle of Siwa, however her husband was an alcoholic and abusive, so she eventually left him and fled, but only after becoming pregnant.

She was located by Jack West Jr. and Max Epper near the end of her pregnancy, who wished to use her yet-to-be-born child's ability to read the Word of Thoth once they had grown up in order to stop the Tartatrus Sunspot. Malena agreed when Jack promised that he would keep her safe.

However the very next day, Francisco del Piero and his forces kidnapped Malena and took her to a chamber in the heart of a Ugandan volcano to perform a ceremony during her childbirth. As del Piero forcibly took away her son, her cries of protest stopped as she suddenly passed away.

Jack and Epper, who had witnessed the event, decided to try and take her body away before it could be consumed by the incoming lava flow, since they had failed in their promise to her. During Jack's inspection of Malena's body, he discovered another child was still being birthed, so he and Epper performed a caesarian birth, resulting in Malena's daughter, Lily.

They were forced to leave Malena's body behind.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Once the mission was over, Malena's daughter was officially adopted by Jack.


  • It is unclear how much either Lily or Alexander know about their mother or her final fate.

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