Malcolm Knox is the head of a DARPA research group.


Before Hell IslandEdit

Malcolm Knox was sent to Hell Island with a team of DARPA scientists including Zak Pennebaker and William "Buccaneer/the Buck" Broyles. As part of Project Stormtrooper, he modified cloned gorillas to become super soldiers.

In order to prove their capabillities, he pitted them against three companies of Marines, who were swiftly - and brutally - defeated by the gorillas. However, before the higher-ups in the military would accept them, Knox needed to be able to show that they were capable of defeating special forces units. To this end, he arranged for a SEAL team, Airborn team, and a Marine unit to be brought to Hell Island under the pretence of a training exercise.

Hell IslandEdit

Knox's gorillas managed to kill everyone but Shane Schofield and four members of his Marines. They soon figured out how the gorillas functioned, and cornered them in an old armanet's chamber and were about to blow them all up when Knox stopped them. Knox falsely congratulated Schofield and his men on surviving his test, despite the fact that Schofield was disgusted that Knox had used soldiers as guinne pigs. Knox said that Schofield and his team could leave, but, wanting the project to be a success, told the Buck and Flash Gordon's unit to kill them.

However Mother managed to disrupt the signal to the disks that kept the gorillas from attacking Knox and his men, and the gorillas promptly attacked and killed Knox and his team as they were examining them in their original docile state. Sunsequently, Schofield and his unit managed to flood the underwater tunnel systemt they were in and drown the gorillas.



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