Malcolm Knox is the head of a DARPA research group working on Project Stormtrooper.


Before Hell IslandEdit

Malcolm Knox was sent to Hell Island with a team of DARPA scientists including Zak Pennebaker, to lead Project Stormtrooper, the creation of super soldiers for the U.S. military. While no human subjects were successful, the cloned gorillas were modified both genetically and artificially, resulting in hundreds of semi-intelligent apes that could operate as shock troops.

In order to prove their effectiveness, Knox worked with William "Buccaneer/the Buck" Broyles to train the gorillas in armed combat. With permission from the higher-ups in the military, Knox then pitted his gorillas against three companies of Marines, who were swiftly - and brutally - defeated by the gorillas.

However, before the higher-ups would accept them, Knox needed to be able to show that they were capable of defeating special forces units. To this end, he arranged for a SEAL team, Airborne team, and a Marine unit to be brought to Hell Island under the pretense of a training exercise.

Hell IslandEdit

Shortly before the operation began (which the SEALs, Airbornes and Marines believed to be an exercise due to the suspicious circumstances), Knox sent Zak Pennebaker to the USS Nimitz docked on Hell Island to falsely claim that the augmented gorillas had gotten out of control in order to increase the challenge the soldiers would provide.

Knox's gorillas managed to kill everyone dropped onto the Nimitz, aisde from Shane Schofield and four members of his Marines. Schofield's team eventually figured out how the gorillas functioned, and cornered them in an old armament's chamber and were about to blow them all up when Knox stopped them. 

Knox falsely congratulated Schofield and his men on surviving his test, despite the fact that Schofield was disgusted that Knox had used soldiers as guinea pigs. Knox said that Schofield and his team could leave, but, wanting the project to be a success, told the Buck and Flash Gordon's unit to kill them.

However, Mother managed to disrupt the signal to the disks that kept the gorillas from attacking Knox and his men, and the gorillas promptly attacked and killed Knox and his team as they were examining them in their docile state. Subsequently, Schofield and his unit managed to flood the underwater tunnel system they were in and drown the gorillas.