« "Call me Mae. But if you ever call me Mae West, I'll cut your balls off with a butter knife." »
— Mae West Merriweather's distate for using her ex-husband's last name

Mabel 'Mae' Merriweather is the mother of Jack and Lauren West, as well as the ex-wife of Jack West Sr.


Early HistoryEdit

Mabel 'Mae' Merriweather was born in Australia, and grew up to become a successful historian and a teacher. She spent many years researching the secret society known as the Four Legendary Kingdoms, including their members past and present, and the role they played in ruling over society. While she was never able to find definitive proof of their existence, she did make many notes of her assumptions, including Isaac Newton's research for them and how the European Royals were likely one of the Four Kingdoms.

At some point, she drew the attention of Jonathon "Wolf" West, a soldier from the U.S. Army who was on tour in Australia. After some time, the pair got married, and together, they had a daughter, Lauren and a son named after his father. However, Wolf treated his wife horribly, often talking down to her, and he is known to have cheated on her at least once with an American woman.

Eventually, Mae had had enough of Wolf, and divorced him, and humiliated his patriotism by doing so through an Australian court. Knowing that Wolf would not take this well, Mae quit her job as a teacher and went into hiding from her ex-husband; the infuriated Wolf spent some time trying to track her down, likely to enact a form of revenge, however he was never able to locate her.

Mae spent the next several years living quietly, and was rarely able to see her children. Jack did inform her of his long-term mission in guarding the daughter of the Oracle of Siwa, and presumably did not see much of him during this period either. Several months after Jack's mission was completed, he brought Lily to visit her adoptive grandmother.

When Wolf perished at the end of a mission which brought him into competition with Jack, Mae emerged from hiding and restarted her career as a teacher by moving to Broome. At some point over the next eight years, she met the members of Jack's team, and often noted how thin Stretch was and inquiring if Pooh Bear had found a girlfriend.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit