Lucifer Leary, also known as the Surgeon of Phoenix, is a prisoner of Area 7.


Before Area 7Edit

Leary would drive down the highway, looking for hitchhikers who he would pick up and then take back to his home to be kidnapped and eaten, leaving behind a piece of jewelry that the person had on them in the place where he took them. To the media and the FBI, he became known as the Surgeon of Phoenix.

When Leary was finally tracked down, he was captured by an FBI team who also found several half eaten corpses and several still living people with partially-consumed limbs in his basement.

Though he was given several life sentences, Leary volunteered to be a human test subject in experiments, and he was taken away to Area 7.

Area 7Edit

Leary was a test subject of Gunther Botha's  Sinovirus vaccine, which was demonstrated to the President during his inspection of the facility. The vaccine worked, innoculating Leary from the virus, and was taken back to his cell.

Soon after a coup against the President's began, the fifth level began flooding due to a burst water tank. Leary and the other prisoners were trapped and were slowly being drowned, however the base's power was eventually cut off, which opened up all of the prisoner cells.

Unlike his fellow prisoners, Leary did not join them in taking over the base, instead set up a makeshift lair within the broken remains of Kevin's containment cube on level 4. Leary then began kidnapping various people scattered throughout the facility, starting by silently snatching Rodney Hagerty on the second floor while he was with Nicholas Tate III, and had his Annapolis Graduation Ring left behind, as per his modus operandi.

Next, Leary grabbed Area 7's base commander, Jerome Harper, after he set off a Sinovirus grenade and attempted to escape. Soon afterwards, Leary found Elizabeth Gant in the ground level control room, and knocked her out while her back was turned.

When Gant woke up in his lair, crudely crucified, Harper was already dead from Leary removing everything below his waist, while Hagerty still unconscious. She was able to send a radio signal to Shane Schofield who came in looking for her. When Leary returned, having been out retrieving the bodies of the several people who had died during the day's events, he easily overpowered the Marine and pushed him into the water-filled Level 5 with komodo dragons.

However, Schofield escaped and knocked Leary into the water, allowing him to rescue Gant and Hagerty while Leary himself was ripped apart by the komodo dragons.


  • Leary has grotesque tattoos repreenting claw marks on his face, which have been detailed to look very real.
  • It is unclear why Leary chose to cannibalise Harper first, when he had already captured Ramrod Hagerty beforehand, however it is suspected that Leary recognised Harper as one of his jailers and taken revenge.

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