Lily West, sometimes also known as Eowyn, is one of the twin children of the Oracle of Siwa, with the ability to understand the Word of Thoth.

As well as being Jack West's adopted daughter, she is also a key member of the Coalition of Minnows.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Lily's mother, Malena Okombo, the former maid and wife of the latest Oracle of Siwa, Milo Omari, was kidnapped by Francisco del Piero towards the end of her pregnancy and taken to a chamber in the heart of a Ugandan volcano. Her captors took Malena's first-born child, Lily's twin brother Alexander, and left her mother, who died moments later. Jack West Jr inspected Malena's body moments later, and realised another child was still in the process of being born, and so he and Max Epper performed a caesarian birth.

In the time after they escaped the volcano with Lily, she was named by Jack and left with trusted friends while he and Epper attended a meeting of seven nations. At this meeting, it was agreed that Lily would be watched over by a representative from each nation, until she was able to decipher the Word of Thoth in the Callimachus text, which would lead them to the seven Pieces of the Golden Capstone within the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and allow them to avert the danger from the Tartarus Sunspot.

For the next ten years, the team based themselves out of Victoria Station in Kenya, with the locals assuming that Lily was the daughter of Zoe Kissane and one of the male team members. As a toddler, Lily would often play peek-a-boo with Jack's brother-in-law, JJ "Sea Ranger" Wickham, though she wouldn't remember him growing up.

Because of the need to isolate her from the world, Lily was home-schooled by Epper and his wife Doris, who also taught her many ancient languages and hieroglyphs. A printed copy of the Callimachus Text was attached to the fridge so that Lily would look at it every morning.

As she grew, Lily was highly inquisitive and a fast learner. She observed and learned a lot about the team members guarding her, such as Saladin's religious traditions and Epper's previous studies towards being a priest. Some of the team members also taught her other skills, with Witch Doctor showing Lily how to be stealthy (to Doris' constant fright), Sky Monster reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy with her, Saladin showing her how his explosives worked but not allowing her near them, and Zoe taught her girly things, thus also becoming the female role model for Lily to admire. She also became close to Gunman, playing games of Splinter Cell with him and playing pretend tea party (which the other team members never teased him for), though the pair did get into trouble once for stealing some of Pooh Bear's explosives and blowing up her Barbie trailer.

Eventually Lily gave most of the team new nicknames; Epper became Wizard, Jack became Woodsman, Zoe as Princess Zoe, Saladin was renamed Pooh Bear, Witch Doctor became Fuzzy, Gunman as Big Ears, and Matador became Noddy. After they watched The Lord of the Rings films together, Sky Monster gave Lily her own nickname, Eowyn, which she loved.

Some time after Lily turned seven, the Israeli spy known as Archer joined the team, and Lily noticed how the other team members (particularly Pooh Bear) were reluctant to accept him at first, though she soon gave him his own nickname too, Stretch. Around this period, Lily was invited to the birthday party of a local girl called Kimmy; though she didn't want to go to the party of someone unpopular, Jack encouraged her to go, and when she did and saw how her arrival made Kimmy happy, Lily realised what it meant to care about the feelings of others.

The team member Lily remained most curious about was Jack, since he did not teach her any lessons and often remained in his study. Lily often snuck in there to observe him, and his falcon Horus, who ignored all of Lily attempts to get her to play. One time, Lily was helping Wizard go through his scrolls when she overheard him talking with Zoe, reminiscing about the days when she studied under him and noting Jack was a lot different from that time. Lily listened as Wizard explained to Zoe things about Jack that she had never known before, such as his mother being Australian and his work operating with the Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force. After the conversation, Wizard realised Lily had been listening the whole time and assured her that Jack was a good man who cared for her. Later, Jack told Lily that after the mission he would need to disappear for a while, but left her with clues so that she would be able to find him.

At some stage, after the team discussed Lily's development, Jack decided to take her to see the Nutcracker in Cape Town because of her love of ballet.

Seven days before the Tartarus sunspot was due, Lily found herself understanding the first verse of the ancient text. After translating the verse, the team was able to determine the location of the first Piece of the Capstone, the Colossus of Rhodes Piece, and so they headed off to the Sudan.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Lily joined the team as they ventured into an old mine, at times being carried through the trap-laden system by Big Ears, who also helped to keep her from seeing some horrific sights such as dead bodies. Once the team entered the cavern, Jack escorted Lily up the Master Snare trap into the innermost cavern, where she had to select the Capstone Piece from the pendants on the Colossus's necklace. Once she had picked the Piece correctly, Jack helped Lily along as the team began their retreat from the Europeans. Unfortunately, once they made it back outside, the team was surrounded by Cal Kallis's CIEF team and forced to hand over the Capstone Piece, but luckily the team still managed to escape on the Halicarnassus.

Lily was upset over Noddy's death and so Jack comforted her. Later, while staring absently at the Callimachus text, Lily was surprised to suddenly understand the next dialect of the text, and so translated the clue it contained. Soon the team prepared their next move to recover the Alexandria Lighthouse Piece from Hamilcar's Refuge, taking Lily along with them.

Once they emerged in the Refuge's concealed inlet, the team began racing against Kallis and Judah's teams through the traps, but Lily, Jack and Zoe alone made inside the Refuge itself. After finding the Lighthouse's Piece with the Mausoleum Piece, they were forced to leave them behind since Judah's team was right behind them, and so Zoe and Lily rejoined the rest of the team while Jack pursued the CIEF. As the team debated how to escape, Lily suggested they use one of Pooh Bear's C4 charges on the gazebo ceiling, a suggestion that saved their lives and allowed them to reach the surface.

Over the next day until Jack returned, Wizard left Lily to continue translating the next two verses of the Callimachus text, and she noted that the language was getting harder with each dialect, however her ability to understand it grew just as quickly. Unfortunately, Wizard would realise that these new translations offered the team no real clues, and so Jack reluctantly decided they needed to liberate Mustapha Zaeed, an expert on the Capstone, from Guantanamo Bay to help them. Lily would be left in Jamaica with Epper while the team retrieved Zaeed.

After they returned to the Halicarnassus, Zaeed stared at Lily intently before offering what he knew, revealing that the Zeus Piece was kept unknowingly in the Louvre. Lily went with Jack's team as they deployed to Paris to retrieve the Piece, helping to make Jack and Big Ears look less suspicious as they made their way through the French museum. After they pulled the Piece from the Winged Victory of Samothrace statue, Lily and the others made their escape through the streets of Paris.

Later, after they had landed back at Victoria Station, Lily eagerly ran to Doris with Big Ears to share the news. After Doris called out to Lily that their return was just like Gimli's return to the mines of Moria, Lily realised that this was a warning and that something was wrong. Indeed, once she and Big Ears began running back to the Halicarnassus, the CIEF breached the hanger and opened fire. Big Ears managed to get Lily and himself to the cover of a nearby generator, but they were cut off from the air-stairs.

Knowing that Lily had to be able to escape, Big Ears bade her an emotional farewell, before he broke cover and shielded Lily with his own body as he made his dash for the air-stairs, closing most of the distance before he was gunned down. Lily cried by his side until Stretch and Pooh Bear managed to grab her and get her onto the Halicarnassus, which took off soon afterwards, with Lily sobbing in Jack's lap over the deaths of Doris and Big Ears. As Jack debated the team's next move, Lily stated that she intended to make Big Ears proud by doing what she had been put on Earth to do, and so the team decided to locate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and retrieve its Piece.

While they managed to locate it, again pursued by Judah's arriving forces, Lily and the others had only just gotten past the first trap the team was confronted by a group of Sayaret Matkal led by Avenger. Lily was confused by Stretch's apparent betrayal, but before he could try and explain himself Avenger ordered the group to make their way to the Capstone Piece. When Jack almost gave up in the Well of the Winged Lion trap, Lily called him "Daddy" in her despair, giving him the focus he needed to escape the trap. After he made it out, Jack assured Lily he'd never leave her.

Once Jack and Pooh Bear retrieved the Piece, Avenger cut off their escape and forced Lily to accompany him as they headed for the alternate exit. However, when Lily became trapped in the quicksand of the second Well of the Winged Lion, Avenger ordered Stretch to leave her. Instead, Stretch decided to stay and help Lily, allowing her to stand on top of his end as the quicksand rose, while he himself used the barrel of his rifle to breathe until the Americans arrived and reset the trap. As a result, Lily and Stretch were taken into Judah's custody.

Lily and Stretch were brought by Judah to Luxor, arriving just after the Europeans were ambushed by the CIEF, and were soon reunited with the similarly-captured Wizard, Zoe and Fuzzy, and was introduced to her twin brother Alexander. With the Coalition team kept as hostages that Judah would order killed if Lily didn't comply to his commands, Lily and Alexander were transported to Giza to witness the ceremony of power at the top of the Great Pyramid. During the helicopter flight, Lily finally spoke with her brother, only to immediately be put off by his arrogant attitude. When Lily learned that he had never done chores or anything normal, Alexander questioned why she would allow herself to do such menial tasks when they were born to rule over people, to which she stated she did so because it helped the team, who she loved like a family, a sentiment Alexander disregarded.

The twins were then brought to the platform erected on the Pyramid's summit, where Judah openly wondered which child he should sacrifice in the ritual of power. After Judah selected the more pretentious Alexander and forced him to enter the recess between the Pyramid's peak and the restored Capstone, Lily watched as Judah prepared to perform the ritual. When the remainder of the Coalition team assaulted the CIEF team from the hovering Halicarnassus, Wizard protected Lily during the firefight until he was knocked unconscious by Zaeed. After seeing Zaeed carrying a jar of dirt from Jack's homeland (believing it was his own people's soil) Lily volunteered to be used by the terrorist in the ritual instead of Alexander. As Zaeed performed the ritual, a beam of light emitted by the Tartarus sunspot struck the Capstone, and the crystal array in the Capstone Pieces produced a thinner beam that struck Lily's chest, apparently killing her.

After the battle was over, Jack went to the Capstone and cried over her body, telling her he'd always loved her. Reawakening, Lily responded she loved him back (again calling him Daddy). As the team collected the Capstone and reunited in the Halicarnassus, the reunited team rejoiced, with Lily and Pooh Bear forgiving Stretch and the Lily explaining to Jack that she survived by the ritual by going into the chamber willingly, as a scroll she had read years earlier had explained. Lily then went to comfort Zoe and Wizard for the loss of their loved ones, offering to be a part of their family if they wanted, which they did.

In the weeks after the mission, Wizard brought Lily with him as the representatives of the countries in the Coalition met again to discuss the events of the mission. Later, Wizard and Zoe went along with Lily to find Jack (who had gone into hiding as he'd told Lily he would), and so Lily followed the clues Jack had given her to find him at his farm in Australia.

Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Jack officially adopted Lily as his own daughter, and each member of the team returned to their home nation to resume their regular duties. During their time off, the team members would individually visit Jack and Lily at the farm, and though the absence of most of her former guardians was hard on Lily at first, she in turn occasionally visit the individual team members at their own homes.

Lily enjoyed visiting Zoe in Ireland, where Zoe's superior Colin O'Hara treated her like a granddaughter and often spoiled her with chocolates. However, when Cieran Kincaid took over the dead O'Hara's position when he died, Lily disliked the zealous Irish Captain, especially after seeing how uncomfortable Zoe was around him.

Wizard would more regularly visit Jack and Lily at the farm, and Lily would sometimes help to translate items written in Thoth to help out with his research. Lily also met Wizard's associate Yobu "Tank" Tanaka, who gave her a robotic dog from Japan which she named Sir Barksalot, but she noted a sadness within him. After Tank told her it was in part due to the loss of his parents during World War II, Lily expressed her sympathy for him and wisely suggested that he consider his friends a new family.

Eventually, Lily asked Jack about his family, to which he answered some of her questions regarding his father and sister, and he soon took Lily to meet his mother, Mabel.

Whenever Zoe came to visit the farm, she and Lily would do girly things together such as painting their toenails or dying the tips of their hair. Lily noticed the budding romance between Zoe and Jack, and so on one occasion Lily asked if Zoe was in love with Jack, harbouring a hope that they might one day marry and thus make them a true family. While Zoe replied that she had been since she had first met him, she did not elaborate on why she had not acted on her feelings to Lily.

Jack sent Lily to a boarding school for gifted students in Perth, where her skills in languages helped her to excel, though some of her teachers felt she wasn't really trying. During her time there, Lily made friends with Alby Calvin, a mathematically-gifted boy who taught her sign-language (because of his partial deafness). Lily would defend Alby from the bully Tyson Bradley, once twisting his wrist so hard she nearly broke his wrist, while her apparent lack of interest in sports dissatisfied the sports-master Mr. Naismaith. When Jack came to her school's parent-teacher interviews, Jack was largely pleased with what he heard from the teachers, aside from Naismith. Whenever Jack traveled to collect her, he always used different routes to prevent anyone from trying to follow him back to the farm. 

Jack and Lily spent Christmas of 2006 in Dubai with Pooh Bear at the Burj al Arab, where the whole team was reunited. During the party, Lily snuck out of her room to watch the late night proceedings on the helicopter pad, though Jack caught on and allowed her to come out to meet with Solomon Kol, who had taken to looking after Victoria Station since the mission's completion, and her uncle the Sea Ranger during his brief appearance. 

In September of 2007, Lily accompanied Jack to the Pine Gap facility where he was briefed regarding potential threats to Australia. Lily would note the pictures and information of the Vatican Cardinal Ricardo Mendoza and a mysterious Russian General known as Carnivore.

Some time before the summer holidays of 2007 began, Jack agreed to allow Alby to stay with him and Lily at the farm while his parents went on a holiday.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Lily and Alby were up early and playing outside the farmhouse when Jack called for them to get inside and gather their things. Recognising the tone of his voice, Lily realised something was up and resignedly went to follow Jack's instructions. The farm was about to be invaded by Chinese forces, and Lily joined Zoe in her Light Strike Vehicle as they made their way across the farm to the highway where Sky Monster had the Halicanassus ready to take off. Once they'd escaped the group began making their way to the Burj al Arab, where Wizard (who had sent Jack a warning regarding the assault) had requested that the team rendezvous.

Once they'd arrived in their suite, Lily raced Alby to picking a room, and waited anxiously for her former guardians to arrive, hugging Stretch and Pooh Bear when they finally did and telling them the progress of her learning. Lily was present at the new meeting of nations as Jack revealed what he had learned from Wizard's notes; a zero-point field referred to as the Dark Star was due to enter the solar system, and unless it was repelled, then its deadly energy would destroy all life on Earth. To this end, they needed to gather six oblong diamonds called Pillars and set them at various locations around the world to rebuild an ancient machine. In order to find the Pillars, Vertices, determine when each Pillar had to be set and cleanse them, they would need to find the Six Sacred Stones.

After Alby revealed he knew some details of some of Wizard's notes, Jack sent him with Zoe and Lily with the Firestone to meet with Wizard's former students, twins Julius and Lachlan Adamson, to unlock the secrets of the Altar Stone of Stonehenge. Upon their rendezvous with the Adamson twins, Zoe and the kids made their way to Stonehenge, and Lily listened to the twins' theories regarding Stonehenge and its connection to the Great Pyramid. Upon reaching Stonehenge, Lily helped to restore the ancient site before the Titanic Rising began, and watched in amazement as the weakened light of the Dark Sun caused the lichen on the trilithons to reveal the relative locations of each of the six vertices.

Reuniting with Jack's group Mortimer Island, Lily and the others were introduced to Iolanthe Compton-Jones of the House of Windsor, who had the Fourth Pillar to go with Vulture's First Pillar. Lily was astounded to meet a real princess, though Iolanthe kindly regarded Lily as coming from a lineage much older and nobler than her own. After inadvertantly causing tension between Iolanthe and Zoe by pointing out the latter's call-sign was 'Princess', Lily joined the rest of the procession as they identified the location of the First Vertex at Abu Simbel, learned the Pillar-laying dates from the Killing Stone of the Maya, and cleansed the two Pillars they had with the Philosopher's Stone.

Lily accompanied the team as they made their way to Abu Simbel, and during the flight, even as she was supposed to be sleeping, Lily overheard Jack and Iolanthe's discussion regarding their task. Lily remained in the team's zoidiac as Jack, Wizard and Zoe went to lay the Pillar, but once the task was accomplished, she and the others found themselves surrounded by Iolanthe's SAS troopers. Iolanthe forced the team to hand Lily, Wizard, the Pillar and Firestone to her before she had them left for the crocodiles. When they reached the shore, Lily was about to shout a warning to the nearby tourists, but noticed the Japanese men's intent focus on their group and their tattoos that matched Tank's. Realising they were in danger, Lily tackled Wizard to the ground just as the Japanese men blew themselves up, and Lily was knocked unconscious by the blast.

Thanks to Lily's actions, Wizard was the only one who remained conscious, and he quickly grabbed Lily and began driving them to a rendezvous point for the Halicarnassus. Lily started regaining conciousness just after they drove up the plane's ramp, and remained inside while the rest of the tea fought their way back to the Hali. However, only Zoe and Alby made it in time before they had to take off, and Lily protested the idea of leaving Jack and the others behind. Jack implored that she and others find the Neetha and place the second Pillar, promising to catch up to them, and so Lily had no choice as Jack, Pooh Bear, Stretch and Astro were left behind.

Shortly after they took off, however, Sky Monster informed the group that they would need to make a forced landing in Rwanda. After sending word to Solomon Kol to request fuel, Lily and the others made plans to rendezvous with him on the way to the Congo. With word having been sent out to search for them, Lily was forced to cut her hair short to help disguise herself. As they made their way through the African continent, Lily translated an image taken from the first Vertex that described all of the other Vertices, and helped Alby to begin translating the Thoth-written rewards on the First Pillar. During their journey, while attempting to get in touch with Jack, they instead reached his father Jonathon "Wolf" West Sr, who was the leader of their adversaries and had apparently killed Jack, and Lily cried in despair at the news.

Once Wizard's team located the Neetha village, they were promptly captured by the tribe, and discovered that, in addition to the second Pillar, the Neetha also possessed the Seeing Stone of Delphi. As the Neetha held them prisoner, Lily was surprised by the fact that they were speaking a verbal form of Thoth, which she could understand and speak. After overhearing some of the Neethans speaking, Lily responded in distaste to a question directed at her if she had a husband. During the night, Lily found herself speaking to a kindly young Neethan called Ono, sharing stories about their respective worlds.

The next morning, Lily was horrified when Warano announced his claim to make Lily his wife; Solomon tried to fight the Neetha for Lily's freedom, only to be killed, and so Zoe took up the challenge, ending up victorious. As Zoe and Alby were sent into the village's maze as punishment, Zoe called for Lily to listen to Ono's radio, and soon Lily and Wizard heard Wolf preparing his forces to invade the village. When they did, Diane Cassidy and Ono freed the pair, and the group tried to escape in the chaos, however Alby was shot and captured by Wolf's men, with Wolf himself showing off Jack's fireman's helmet as proof of his death. Forced to leave her friend, the Sacred Stones and Pillars behind, Lily and the others were able to escape on the returned Halicarnasus.

They soon learned that Wolf and his Saudi allies had paid off the South African government to prevent any access to the second Vertex beneath Table Mountain, and Lily expressed surprise at Wizard's refusal to believe Jack was dead. Eventually Wizard's hopes proved true when Jack got in contact with the group, and Lily was overjoyed that her father was alive. Lily watched over the video link as Wizard helped Jack navigate the second Vertex's trap system, but was soon watching in horror as Jack made a desperate play to lay the Pillar before a treacherous CIEF soldier dropped it into the chasm and fell into its depths as a result. While the adults were forced to delay their grief as South African fighter jets made their way to their position, Lily remained crying in front of the screen.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

After learning Jack survived the fall and rescued Alby, the relieved Lily and the rest of her group arranged to meet up with them at World's End. Once the team reunited, they exchanged tales of their adventures since their split until Lily questioned where Pooh Bear and Stretch were. After learning that Stretch had been sent to the Mossad and Pooh Bear had gone looking for him, Lily expressed disappointment at Jack's reluctance to help their friends and his decision to send Lily to stay with Alby's family after Christmas.

Lily was relieved when she later learned that Jack had changed his mind and gone to help Stretch and Pooh Bear, and while the rest of the team based themselves at Sea Ranger's base in Zanzibar, Lily and Alby joined in the discussion to plan their next move in researching the locations of the remaining Pillars and Vertices via video-chat. After Cassidy put them onto the Five Greatest Warriors, Lily set about helping to research the Warriors' connection to the Machine, soon discovering from a photo taken in the first Vertex that the last three Pillars required a second cleansing from the Basin of Rameses II, and set to work with Alby trying to locate it.

Eventually, the team learned that Genghis Khan had held some of the Pillars before passing them on, and that a Fabergé Egg with pictures of the Vertex entrances was kept in his long lost arsenal. Believing they might need Lily's understand of Thoth, Jack arranged to pick her up from the Calvins' before heading to Mongolia. Before they did, Lily translated a line of Thoth text on a basin in the British Museum Alby had found a picture of, and confirmed that it was the Basin of Rameses II.

When Lily, Jack, Wizard, Zoe and Sky Monster found Genghis's arsenal, some of Wolf's men had already entered the Arsenal, as had Tank and the Blood Brotherhood, the latter having destroyed the Egg. Zoe and Lily took cover until Wolf's team departed, and when they caught up to their friends their were horrified to see that Wizard had been fatally wounded by Wolf. As he lay dying, Wizard told the distraught Lily that he had always loved her like a granddaughter. Upon opening a sarcophagus containing Genghis's body and a shield with the Egg's images, Lily helped Zoe and Sky Monster as they dug out an old escape tunnel to avoid Mao and his forces.


Between The Five Greatest Warriors and The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit

In the months after the Dark Star's return, Lily was free to act like a normal young girl, and at first chance asked for a pet dog. Once Jack and Zoe arranged a trip to an Adelaide dog shelter, Lily was immediately taken with a shy young labrador named Ash, and so the West family adopted her and a poodle named Roxy. Lily would play with Ash on the farmland often, and allowed her to sleep on her bed.

Over the next few years, Lily kept attending school, though she found the attitudes of her fellow teenagers (particularly the other girls) irritating, though whenever she complained Jack would remind her that the only person that anyone had to be true to was themselves.

After graduating from school, Lily chose to attend Stanford in order to study Ancient History and ancient languages, a course she found relatively easy thanks to her experiences when she was young and own talents. Lily kept in touch with Jack and Zoe by chatting with them via FaceTime, and remained in contact with Alby while he was studying at Caltech. She also spent some time with Jack's oceanographer friend David "Nobody" Black, who became something of a surrogate uncle to her.

While at Stanford, Lily also made a number of new friends, among them Dion DeSaxe, the heir to a wealthy French family and with whom Lily went on a few dates with. While she occasionally self-questioned why someone like Dion would want her, Lily told Jack that she thought Dion was good boyfriend material, even as she began wondering about the possibility of Alby being more than a friend.

When Jack came to visit in mid-2016, Lily introduced him to Dion, but she was surprised and off-put by the familiarity Dion used during the meeting. Later, Lily admitted to her conflicting feelings when she asked Jack if he thought Alby could be more than a friend to her, and while Jack approved he told Lily that who she dated was ultimately her choice. Later, when she and Jack were having lunch with Alby, her friend asked why Jack does the things that make him a hero. Before answering, Jack suggested that Lily and Alby were old enough to write Messages from the Other Side, letters which he would read should something ever go wrong and they died. After a few days consideration, Lily completed her message, in which she recounted her gladness in being raised by Jack and the other Coalition team members, and requested that even though her death might break Jack's spirit that he keep on fighting.

While speaking with Nobody during a football game they were watching, Lily admitted that she thinking of taking on pre-med studies since she found languages so easy, but was uncertain at the prospect and asked Nobody for his opinion. Nobody assured Lily that she had both the potential and the heart to become a good doctor.

That November, Lily returned to the West farm during her holidays, inviting Alby to stay with them a while. When Jack was called to a meeting at Pine Gap, Lily was among those who accompanied him to the facility on the Sky Warrior. However, while she and Alby were in the waiting room as Jack was being briefed, Lily was knocked out by a sleeping gas leaked into the facility, and was summarily taken away, along with Jack, Alby, Sky Monster and the dogs, by a group of people led by Iolanthe.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit

Lily would wake up two days later inside a train-mounted cage, and forced to watch as a mysterious man calling himself Hades announced the beginning of the Great Games of the Hydra and as Jack struggled through a pit of rising water in order to obtain a strange gold sphere.

When Jack was brought to the hostage carriage to rest...

The Three Secret CitiesEdit



Ever since she was young, Lily has been highly inquisitive, and yearns to know more. Her ability to translate the Word of Thoth makes her a valuable asset to the team, whom she loves like family, and through her upbringing has realised the importance of working together.

After becoming a young adult, Lily has become more worldly and self-assured. While she has grated at times and questioned saving the world for people (in particular teenage girls) who don't seem to appreciate life, Lily has remained committed to acting for the greater good of the common people, particularly her friends and family, instead of using her heritage to inflate her ego or social standing like members of the Four Kingdoms.


Alby CalvinEdit

Lily and Alby have been close friends since they met, to the point where Wizard would later note that Alby was the kind of friend that Lily would need during difficult times.

During the eight years between The Five Greatest Warriors and The Four Legendary Kingdoms, they remained good friends and kept in touch while attending different American universities. Around the same time she went on a few dates with Dion, Lily began reflecting on her feelings for Alby, wondering what would happen if they were more than friends. Though she asked for Jack's opinion on the matter, Lily chose not to complicate the friendship between her and Alby.

When they were brought to the Underworld, Dion threatened to torture Alby unless Lily married him, and she reluctantly goes along with the idea to keep Alby from being hurt because of her. In The Three Secret Cities, believing she may be seeing Alby for the last time as Sphinx prepares to take her away, she calls out to him to proclaim that she loves him, and Alby reciprocates her feelings before she is taken.

Dion DeSaxeEdit



  • Lily is extremely gifted at learning languages, in written, spoken and gestural forms, suggested to be a result of her Oracle ability. In addition to her natural ability to understand Thoth and the English she primarily speaks, Lily knows the following languages:
    • Gaelic
    • Arabic
    • Spanish (presumably)
    • Jamaican Patois (presumably)
    • Greek (and Ancient Greek)
    • Cuneiform
    • Latin
    • Sign-language
    • German
  • At the time of The Six Sacred Stones, Lily knew five other languages in addition to English, including sign. Given that in Seven Ancient Wonders she was established to know the non-English languages some members of the team used, such as Irish Gaelic, this may have meant the number of languages she had learned in the period between the two novels.
  • Though she renamed most of the Coalition team members, it remains unclear why she never gave Sky Monster a new nickname
    • Ironically, Sky Monster was the one who gave Lily the nickname Eowyn.