Lily West, sometimes also known as Eowyn, is one of the twin children of the Oracle of Siwa, able to translate the Word of Thoth. As well as being Jack West's adopted daughter, she is also a member of the Coalition of Minnows.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Lily's mother, Malena, the wife of the Oracle of Siwa, was kidnapped by Francisco del Piero and taken to a chamber in the heart of a Ugandan volcano. Her captors took the mother's first born child, Lily's twin brother Alexander, and left her mother, who died moments later. Jack West Jr inspected Malena's body moments later, and discovered another child still in the process of being born, and so he and Max Epper performed a caesarian birth.

In the time after they escaped the volcano with Lily, she was named by Jack and left with trusted friends while he and Epper attended a meeting of seven nations. At this meeting, it was agreed that Lily would be watched over by a representative from each nation until she was able to decipher the Callimachus Text, which would lead them to the seven Pieces of the Golden Capstone, and allow them to save the world from the Tartarus Sunspot.

For the next ten years, the team based themselves out of Victoria Station in Kenya, with the locals assuming that Lily was the daughter of Zoe Kissane and one of the male team members. A printed copy of the Callimachus Text was attached to the fridge so that Lily would look at it every morning. Because of the need to isolate her from the world, Lily was home schooled by Epper and his wife Dorris, who also taught her many ancient languages and hieroglyphs.

As she grew, Lily was highly inquisitive and a fast learner. She observed and learned a lot about the team members guarding her, such as Saladin's religious traditions and Epper's previous studies towards being a priest. Some of the team members also taught her other skills, with Witch Doctor showing Lily how to be stealthy (to Dorris' constant fright), Sky Monster reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy with her, Saladin showing her how his explosives worked but not allowing her near them, and Zoe taught her girly things, thus also becoming the female role model for Lily to admire. She also became close to Gunman, playing games of Splinter Cell with him and playing pretend tea party (which the other team members never teased him for), though the pair did get into trouble once for stealing some of Pooh Bear's explosives and blowing up her Barbie trailer.

Eventually Lily gave most of the team new nicknames; Epper became Wizard, Jack became Woodsman, Zoe as Princess Zoe, Saladin was renamed Pooh Bear, Witch Doctor became Fuzzy, Gunman as Big Ears, and Matador became Noddy. After they watched The Lord of the Rings films together, Sky Monster gave Lily her own nickname, Eowyn, which she loved.

Some time after Lily turned seven, the Israeli spy known as Archer joined the team, and Lily noticed how the other team members (particularly Pooh Bear) were reluctant to accept him at first, though she soon gave him his own nickname too, Stretch.

The team member Lily remained most curious about was Jack, since he did not teach her any lessons and often remained in his study. Lily often snuck in there to observe him, and his falcon Horus, who ignored all of Lily attempts to get her to play. One day, she overheard Epper and Zoe discussing Jack's past, and later Jack himself told Lily that after the mission he would need to disappear for a while, but left her a clue so that she would be able to find him. Some time later, after the team discussed Lily's development, Jack decided to take her to see the Nutcracker in Cape Town because of her love of ballet.

Seven days before the sunspot was due, Lily was surprised to suddenly understand the first verse of the ancient text. After translating the verse, the team was able to determine the location of the first Piece of the Capstone, and so they and Lily headed off to the Sudan.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit


Between Seven Ancient Wonders and The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


Between The Five Greatest Warriors and The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit


The Four Legendary Kingdoms Edit



Ever since she was young, Lily has been highly inquisitive, and yearns to know more. Her ability to translate the Word of Thoth makes her a valuable asset to the team, whom she loves like family, and through her upbringing has realised the importance of working together. At present she knows five other languages in addition to English, including sign.


  • Though she renamed most of the Coalition team members, it remains unclear why she never gave Sky Monster a new nickname, though he did ironically give her the nickname Eowyn.

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