Lillian Mattencourt is the richest woman in the world.


Before ScarecrowEdit

Lillian Mattencourt made her fortune in selling and developing perfume and make-up products. Before the events of the Majestic-12 bounty hunt, Mattencourt had attempted to join the M-12, but was constantly turned down, purely because of the fact that she was a woman; even the fact that her father has been a member didn't work in her favour. One incident where Mattencourt attempted to convince Randolph Loch to allow her in ended with her stalking away after he had said he would consider if she performed oral on him.

When she learned of M-12's plan to initiate a new Cold War, Mattencourt decided to ruin their plans, and hired Aloysius Knight and Rufus to protect a target of M-12's bounty-hunt, Shane Schofield, to ensure that he survived to foil them.


When the M-12 bounty hunt was over, and all the members of M-12 mysteriously dying one by one, Mattencourt met Knight and Rufus to discuss where to send the money she would pay them. After the meeting she got into her car, however it was booby trapped by Demon Larkham, and Mattencourt was killed in the explosion.


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