Lilibala is a member of the Northmen tribe.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Lilibala was born earlier than a normal baby and, despite the generous portions of food the ruling clan she receives, she has remained slim with fine features.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

When the disease struck the Northmen tribe, few were surprised that Lilibala was amongst the first of the high-born to grow ill. Lilibala's brother Bader was ordered by their father to lead an expedition to Troll Mountain to gain the elixir.

However after more than two weeks went by without any word or sign of Bader's group, it appeared that his journey had been ill-fated and that he would never return.

Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit

After Raf's failed attempt to steal the elixir from the trolls himself failed, he was brought before the Troll King, and learned that Bader had in fact tried to bargain with the King by offering the three porters in his group in exchance for only a small sample of the elixir, enough to only heal his sister (presumably this was their father's idea).

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit

When Bader eventually returned, he claimed he had only enough of the elixir for Lilibala, and that he had destroyed the Troll's home. The village indeed celebrated Bader's return, and during the festivities, Lilibala remained by her father's side as she drank the elixir.

When Raf arrived and interrupted the celebration, he attempted to reveal Bader's lies, but it was only once the Troll Prince Turv appeared and confirmed her brother's deception did Lilibala and the rest of the Northmen realised the truth. After Raf killed Turv, he offered all the villagers a chance to go with him and settle elsewhere, with the knowledge of how to overcome the illness.

It is unclear if Lilibala chose to join him or if she decided to remain with the rest of her family; if she stayed, she eventually perished along with the others from the disease.

Personality Edit

Lilibala is the only daughter of the Northmen's chief, and his youngest child. Despite having a number of fine young warrior sons, the chief is most fond of his pretty young daughter. Lilibala has only just reached adolescence, has honey golden hair and is considered a delicate child by many of the tribesfolk.



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