Liam Kissane, also known as Gunman or Big Ears, is a member of the Coalition of Minnows team.


Early HistoryEdit

Liam Kissane, much like his older sister Zoe, joined the Army Ranger Wing of Ireland's Defence Forces (the Sciathan Fhianoglach an Arim), where he earned his official call-sign Gunman. During his time in the forces, Gunman became a specialist in bomb disposal, hostage rescue and heavy weapons.

Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Ashort time before the meeting of nations, he trained with the Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force under Marshall Judah at Coronado for a brief period.

In 1996, he was a part of a meeting of small nations, and for Ireland's representation he was assigned with Zoe to help guard Lily until she was old enough to begin translating the clues leading to the ancient Capstone.

As she grew up, Lily and Liam bonded, and the two would play games regularly, including Splinter Cell in dual player mode. The once broke into Saladin's workshop and used some of his explosives to blow up Lily's dollhouse, which Guman was repreimanded for since Lily could have been hurt. However on at one occassion he played pretend tea party with her, though the other team members didn't tease him about it, considering his close relationship with her was off-limits to teasing. Eventually Lily rechristened Gunman's call-sign as Big Ears.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit



Though nowhere near as smart as his sister Zoe, he is a kind and honest soldier, with a growing doubt about his religion (Cathlic). He and Lily get on really well, joking stated by some that it is due to their similar intelligence levels, and apparently would even step in front of a freight train to save her.


  • Big Ears is the second character in Reilly's novels to also have the call-sign Gunman, the first was Michael Grier.


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