Leavenworth Penitentiary is a federal prison.

History Edit


Former Navy SEAL Earl Bittiker was sentenced to eight years at Leavenworth for raping a senior female officer.

Area 7Edit

When Charles "Ceasar" Russell attempted to enact a coup against the President, and had two Navy Generals murdered for disagreeing with him, he was arrested and sentenced to death by lethal injection at Leavenworth. During his time there, Ceasar was beaten heavily twice by the other inmates as a form of justice, as the prisoners had an odd sense of it regarding traitors to the United States. 

Still having contacts in the Air Force, Ceasar formulated a plan to elude death by having his blood tranfusions laced with hyperoxygen, which would keep his brain and organs supplied with oxygen for some time after his heart stopped. Twelve minutes after his execution was carried out, he was rescusitated by Air Force personel and spirited away from Leavenworth.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Typhon was imprisoned at Leavenworth for killing a fellow Army Ranger, until Marius Calderon used his connections in the CIA to have him released.

After two DGSE agents failed to kill Shane Schofield as part of France's bounty on the Marine, they were imprisoned at Leavenworth. The other prisoners, who as part of their own sense-of-justice system, didn't take kindly to the pair who had attempted to kill the American soldier, and gave them a warm welcome.