The Kormoran Project was a United States black-project.


Before ScarecrowEdit




People InvolvedEdit


The idea behind Kormoran was to disguise missile-launching warships as supertankers, to maintain an element of secrecy and surprise. It worked partularly well when used in conjunction with the Chameleon Project.

Kormoran ShipsEdit

  • MV Ambrose
    • Location - New York
    • Missile Type - Shahab-5's
  • MV Hopewell
    • Location - Taiwan Strait
    • Missile Type - Sky Horse-3's
  • MV Jewel
    • Location - San Francisco
    • Missile Type - Taep'o Dong-2's
  • MV Talbot
    • Location - English Channel
    • Missile Type - Shahab-5's
  • MV Whale
    • Location - Arabian Sea
    • Missile Type - Ghauri-II's and Agni-II's


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