Ko is a wise hermit living in the badlands.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Originally from the East, Ko came to the Black Mountains region as part of an army that had conquered many lands. He was a medicine man rather than a fighter, although he has excellent fighting abilities. When the army had finished its conquest, Ko asked the warrior-king who led them if he could remain, and he settled in a shack in the Badlands. Some of the local tribes think he practises magic.

He would often see Raf outside of the Northmen village, practising with weapons of his own invention.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit


Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit


Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

He is a small old man with a long greying beard, oddly pointed eyes and he wears a hat made of wicker. Despite his appearance, he is a skilled fighter; when it comes to using crossbows and swords. He is very good at  shadowing people as the art of moving silently and unnoticed is a skill his people value highly. Ko’s people also invented fire-powder, which can be a useful weapon against rival armies or large beasts.

Ko is highly intelligent and curious. He knows a lot about the different groups who inhabit the Black Mountains – such as trolls, hobgoblins and mountain wolves – although he is less familiar with the Northmen and Southmen tribes. He admires invention and courage and values wisdom.


  • Many descriptions of Ko, as well as his recollections of his life, suggest that he came from Eastern Asia originally.

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