Kira is a member of the Northmen tribe and Raf's sister.


Before Troll MountainEdit

Kira was eight when her father was killed by a rogue troll that also took her mother. Since then she has grown up with her older brother Raf, working hard to farm the little plot of land they own beside their hovel. While their neighbours occasionally help them, the two orphans have largely looked after themselves.

Troll Mountain (Episode I)Edit

When Kira fell ill with the disease affecting the villagers, it was Raf who looked after her. As Kira’s condition worsened, Raf decided to journey to Troll Mountain to get the elixir and save his sister. Kira, knowing that the trolls would demand Raf's life in exchange for the elixir, asked him not to sacrifice himself for her. However Raf had no intention of doing so, for he planned to steal the elixir from the trolls.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit


Personality Edit

Kira is quieter and less adventurous than her brother Raf. She is a sweet girl who cares deeply for her older brother. Although Raf is four years older, Kira frequently worries about him and looks out for him. She often cautions Raf to stay out of trouble, especially when he publicly criticises the tribal chief and head family, and she fears he will be banished from the village.



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