Julius Adamson, also known as Gunslinger, and his twin brother Lachlan are mathematical geniuses, and together they are sometimes known as the Cowboys.


Early HistoryEdit

In around 1989 to 1990, both Julius and Lachlan studied at Trinity College in Dublin, where majored in Cosmological studies, and did some study in ancient history under Max "Wizard" Epper. During this time, they met Jack West Jr and Zoe Kissane.

In 2002, the twins went on a backpacking trip to Easter Island with two American anthropology students. Julius had a crush on one of them, Stacy Baker, and tried to hook up with her during the trip, to no avail.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission to restore the Golden Capstone, between 2006 to mid 2007, Julius and Lachlan met Lily, though how much they had actually been told regarding Wizard, Jack and Zoe's shared mission in unclear.

The twin were later approached by Wizard to assist him in calculating the approach of the Dark Sun, a zero-point energy field that could wipe out all life on Earth if it drew too close. Though this was a difficult task since it could not be seen, Julius, Lachlan and Wizard were able to confirm its presence by seeing what it blocked from view, and soon determined that it be on the edge of Earth's solar system by March 20th of 2008.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

In December 2007, Zoe contacted Julius and Lachlan to inform them that the mission to restore the Machine that would repel the Dark Star was underway and requested that they meet her, Lily and Alby Calvin as they prepared to unite the Firestone with one of the Six Guidestones, the Altar Stone of Stonehenge.

As they drove towards the Salisbury plains, Julius and Lachlan asked Zoe to give them call-signs for the mission, but both complained at her twin-related suggestions. Instead, they shared a few theories regarding what they would find when they got to Stonehenge. Upon arrival, Julius helped to restore the fallen trilithons and Altar Stone to their original positions before the Titanic Rising began. Once it began, the twins recorded the event and watched in amazement as the united Firestone and Altar Stone revealed the locations of the Machine's Vertices upon the trilithons.

Julius and the others reunited with the rest of the Coalition of Minnows team at Mortimer Island, where he and Julius shared their findings from the Stonehenge data to try and locate the position of the first Vertex. Once Jack gave his input to reveal it was beneath Lake Nasser at Abu Simbel, the twins helped to note down the Mayan symbols indicating the Pillar-laying dates from the Killing Stone of the Maya. After the Philosopher's Stone was used to cleanse the two Pillars they had, the team headed out to lay the first Pillar, while Julius, Lachlan and Tank remained behind to continue working on identifying the locations of the other Vertices.

At around the time the first Pillar was being placed, the twins and Tank were still working on the Vertex locations, and just as Lachlan was noting something regarding the connection triangle he'd shown Lily and a British Island, Julius interrupted with the revelation of the second Vertex's position beneath Table Mountain. After he and his brother bickered over the ease of locating the Vertices, Julius were shocked when members of the Japanese Blood Brotherhood arrived to retrieve Tank, and Tank ordered his men bring the twins with them as well.

At the Japanese embassy in England, Tank and the Brotherhood looked over the twins' Stonehenge data, occasionally asking them for clarifications. Julius protested the Brotherhood's plans to let the world be destroyed so that Japan could redeem itself after World War II, failing to convince Tank that it wasn't worth destroying all life for honour. Soon Lachlan overheard their captors discuss Jack's apparent death and a mole in Wolf's unit, Akira "Switchblade" Isaki, who would take the next opportunity to derail the Machine's restoration. Knowing they could not let this happen, Julius and Lachlan made their escape, making plans to try and warn the team.

The twins made their way to the team's old base at Victoria Station in Kenya, where they found Jack's falcon Horus and took the opportunity to look into Switchblade's history. When Jack and Pooh Bear arrived, the twins explained the situation. Once Jack asserted that regardless of whether Wizard or Wolf ended up with the Pillar, they needed to be there to help if necessary, he and the twins made their way to Zanzibar to recruit Jack's brother-in-law, the Sea Ranger, to help them.

When Jack introduced the twins to Sea Ranger's men as net-jockeys, one of them teased them by noting their similar "Cow-level" t-shirts and demanding that the cowboys show him how to reach that level. Soon afterwards, the twins were delighted when they were finally given their own call-signs, Julius being named Gunslinger and referred to collectively with his brother as the Cowboys.

The group then began making their way to Table Mountain in the Indian Raider, and Julius accompanied Jack, Sea Ranger and Lachlan into entering the Vertex and followed him through the bridge traps. After Jack was forced to use a maghook to swing out to the inverted pyramid, grabbing and placing the Pillar just in time, Julius watched in horror as Jack fell into the chasm below with Switchblade. Needing to leave before Wolf came after them, the saddened Sea Ranger and twins left the Vertex.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit


While searching for the Spring of the Black Poplar, Julius recalled the twin's trip to Easter Island, and when he brought up Stacy Baker he noticed Lachlan's discomfort, and Julius realised that his brother had slept with her despite his stated interest. Furious at Lachlan for going behind his back and never telling him the truth, Julius sulked for the rest of the search while taking every opportunity to scold his twin.


Between The Five Greatest Warriors and The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

During the course of the next few years, the members of the Coalition team continued largely as they had before, returning to their home nation while making the odd visit to one another.

Eight years after the mission to restore the Machine, the twins began collaborating with the oceanographer David Black on an unknown project. When the three of them discovered an ancient gateway in the Mariana Trench with Thoth symbols engraved on it, Julius and Lachlan invited Jack and Zoe to take a look, but only Zoe elected to join them.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit

When Jack and his allies returned to the farm, Zoe prepared to begin explaining what she and the twins had discovered in the Mariana Trench, but cut herself off when she realised the state they were in.


Born in Scotland, the twins both have typically carrot-red hair and freckled faces. Once some of Wizard's students at Trinity College, the twins proved themselves to be brilliant in the fields of mathematics, cosmology and anthropology, which makes them just as valuable to the team as anyone else.