John Yates is an U.S. Air Force pilot who operated for the Intelligence Convergence Group.

History Edit

Before Ice StationEdit

Through unknown circumstances, John Yates joined the United States Air Force, where he eventually became a pilot.

At some point he was recruited into the Intelligence Convergence Group, a secretive intelligence-hoarding branch of the government. Acting as an agent for the ICG, Yates would provide air support for other ICG units.

Ice StationEdit

Yates and his squadron were patrolling the air space around Wilkes Ice Station when they spotted a rogue British fighter, which they quickly took down, but not before it fired a nuclear missile at Wilkes.

After Schofield and his surviving allies escaped the detonation in an experimental plane, Yates intercepted his communications and relayed his orders to have Schofield escorted to a Navy aircraft carrier. After asking for Yates' name and realising that he was ICG, Schofield refused, forcing Yates to resort to plan b - fire and destroy him.

Luckily for Schofield, his aircraft had an experimental cloaking technology that hid him from view, both visually and on radar, to Yates' surprise. Yates was barely able to make out a distortion in the air where the aircraft was, but was too late as Schofield fired missiles upon Yates and his squad, destroying their F-22's with ease.