John Schofield is the father of Shane Schofield.


Early HistoryEdit

Born to Michael Schofield, one of the most decorated Marines in the Corps' history, John Schofield resented his father, and despite becoming a successful businessman, he felt he was unable to step out from his father's shadow.

Following his marriage and the birth of a son, Shane, John's resentment manifested in a pattern of systematic abuse against his wife and son. When he reached a fair age, Shane began taking on the brunt of the physical abuse in order to spare his mother from too much pain.

By early 2003, John committed suicide, leaving twelve million dollars to his son. However Shane felt that the money was tainted, so at Elizabeth Gant's suggestion, Schofield donated all of it to a Washington, DC hospital.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Shane would later tell Veronique Champion about his father.



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