Jim Drabyak is a bounty hunter.


Before ScarecrowEdit

When they discovered the existence of a bounty hunt in which each of the fifteen targets was worth $18.6 million, both Jim and his older brother Joe decided to try and deceive the overseers by claiming two false heads. Heavily mutilating the heads of two corpses, they decided to try and claim the bounties on Benjamin Rosenthal and Yousef Nazzar, believing that neither had DNA records.


After arriving at the Forteresse de Valois castle in France, Jim and Joe were greeted by Jean-Pierre Delacroix, the assessor for the bounty hunt. Jim and his brother were separated from each other and kept in differing antechambers.

After Delacroix incorrectly assessed the first head belonged to Rosenthal, the brothers were pleased that the first deception was successful, they suddenly became nervous after Delecroix revealed that Nazzar had a DNA profile, which proved that their second claim was a false one.

After his brother admitted that both heads were fakes, Delacroix, intending to punish the pair for their deception, ordered him to look into Jim's chamber. Delacroix then activated microwave emitters in the room, which painfully and gruesomely wracked at Jim until his ribcage burst open, killing him.

The distraught Joe was killed moments later in an equally horrifying way of having boiling oil poured on him.



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