Jesus Christ was the apparent son of God.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Early HistoryEdit

Jesus inherited the six Pillars, from his ancestor Moses. but gave the others away. He gave two of the Pillars to the families who would eventually become the Great Houses of Europe. Jesus gave the remaining three Pillars to his brother James, who hid one in the Temple of Solomon, and kept the other two Pillars at the fortress in Van</span>.

After his crucifixation, Jesus's body was taken by his brother James and hidden in an ancient salt mine, where the salt crystals would preserve his body. His last Pillar was burried with him.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Diane Cassidy had deduced that Jesus was one of the Five Warriors, who had been prophecised to affect the fate of the six Pillars and Sacred Stones.

Carnivore's research led them to learn the last Pillar's location, and so he sent Mao Gongli, Scimitar and Vulture to retrieve it for him. Jack West Jr. and Lily decided to try and retrieve the Pillar themselves, and with Iolanthe's help they located the mine, where Jack infiltrated the tomb containing Jesus's body. Jack found himself unable to look at the face of the body, believing that he was committing an outrageously sacrilegous act and didn't deserve to, before taking the Pillar and resealing the chamber. 



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