Jean-Claude Francois Michel Huguenot, better known as The Barbarian (or just Baba to his friends) is a large, bearded French commando from the First Parachute Regiment.


Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

Baba was placed on attachment to the DGSE to assist Veronique Champion in assasinating Shane Schofield, using a submarine to track him to the Arctic Circle. However when they began attempting their assault, they get caught up in the Army of Thieves' attack on Schofield's group. Schofield rescues some of the French Commandos, including Baba, believing that they needed each other to fight a common enemy. As they escape, Baba uses his 6P49 Kord to bring down one of the pursuing Cobra Choppers.

After escaping to one of Dragon Island's islets, they are informed of the situation, and Veronique agrees that to an alliance to stop the Army. As they discuss their next move, Baba introduces himself to Mother, before they are forced to make a run through Dragon Island to retrieve the red uranium spheres. However as they try to dump the spheres in the ocean, Baba sacrifices himself to lessen the number of enemies harrasing their plane, and was subsequently captured.

Marius Calderon, leader of the Army of Thieves, has Baba and Mother's heads encased in a box, where they put live rats inside. However, in order to avoid being killed, Mother shouts for Baba to do what Ozzy Osbourne would do, and so they chew the heads off of the rats and play dead until Schofield starts fighting back. The two pursue the megatrain in order to stop the missiles, and drive it into the water, however Baba is heavily wounded.

However the two are rescued, and Baba is stablised thanks to Mother improvising bullet-wound gel. Some time later, Baba and Champion are part of the celebration at the White House.




Gena "Mother" NewmanEdit

During their escapades on Dragon Island, Baba develops a very close relationship with Mother, who realises that he is her male 'mirror' (based on a horoscope she read). The two get along famously, based on their love of weapons and similar personalities. There is a moment that, when Baba asked if she is single and wants to be with her, Mother almost decides to be with Baba, but chooses to stay with her husband Ralph, which Baba respects.


  • When submitting the manuscript for Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, the editors suggested that Reilly kill off Baba in a heroic fashion, but Riley ultimately decided to keep Baba alive, wanting to keep him around for more appearances in the Scarecrow series.

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