« "Jason Chaser, hover car racer. It's got a nice ring to it." »
— Scott Syracuse after meeting Jason

Jason Chaser is a young hover car racer, and the leader and driver of Team Argonaut.


Before Hover Car RacerEdit

When he was four-years old, Jason was in an orphanage in Falls Creek along with the Bug, who only liked being around Jason. When Henry and Martha Chaser decided to adopt him, Jason refused to leave without the Bug so they adopted the both of them. At age five, Jason and the Bug were taught by Henry how to drive hover carts.

When Jason was 10, he found the remains of an old Ferrari Pro F1 hover car in a local junkyard, and over four years repaired it with old and low-quality parts, enough for it to be capable of racing. Christening it the Argonaut, Jason and the Bug, who became his navigator, proceeded to participate in local races.

Over the course of his life, Jason and the Bug were constantly mocked by Barnaby Becker, an older racer, both for being adopted and being poorer than him.

At age 14, Jason managed to come in the top three of his local division, allowing him to enter the Indo-Pacific Reigional Championships.

Hover Car RacerEdit

Qualifying for the International Race SchoolEdit


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Jason is a determined young man, always willing to push himself to win the race. Despite his youth, he has proven time and time again that age is far less of a barrier in the racing world than previously thought. His dedication and care for his family and friends makes him worthy of becoming a great man, and a better racer than some.


  • Jason's first name, in conjunction with the name Argonaut, is a reference to the ancient Greek legend, Jason and the Argonauts.
  • Unlike most of the other leading characters of Reilly's novels, Jason lacks a defining feature.
  • Jason is also the second-youngest main protagonist of any of Reilly's novels.
    • His birthday is mentioned to be on the 6th of August.