Jackson T. Dyer is a General stationed at Diego Garcia.


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

General Dyer was at Diego Garcia when Jack West Jr., Lily West, and Iolanthe Compton-Jones arrived at the base to place the Fifth Pillar in the fifth Vertex of the Machine, with the apparent consent of Wolf. Dyer guided them to the Vertex watched as West made it through the maze that protected the vertex and later entered the maze via a crane with Iolanthe and Felix Bonaventura.

Bonaventura, believing everything to be safe once Jack and Lily made it to the end, stepped towards the pyramid in the center of the maze, causing the trap mechanism to activate; a rush of seawater to fill the maze. While the first crane was yanked away by the rush of water and its protection blocked, Bonaventura and Dyer climbed into the second crane and attempted to escape, only for the rushing water to claim the crane they were in and toss them down the bottomless abyss.


  • Named after a fan pitched his name during a interview hosted by Hamish and Andy.

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