Jonathan "Wolf" West Sr is an American Colonel who is one of the leading members of the CIEF, and is the father of Jack West Jr.


Early HistoryEdit

Jonathon "Jack" West was born in the United States, and enlinsted in the U.S. Army at a young age. West proved himsellf to be a brilliant soldier as soon as he started out, and quickly rose through the ranks because of his many skills, earning the call-sign Wolf.

During a tour of Australia, he met Mabel 'Mae' Merriweather, a brilliant teacher and historian, and married her. Together, he and Mae had a daughter, Lauren, and a son named after him. However, Wolf treated his wife horribly, and he cheated on he at least once with an American woman, having another son named Grant.

He saw Jack's talents, and wanted him to join the military despite his wish to go to university. Jack relented, but to spite Wolf he joined the Australian Army instead of the U.S. Army as he had wanted.

At some point Wolf became a member of the Commander-in-Chief's In Extremis Force (CIEF), and rose to become one of its commanders, along with Marshall Judah.

Eventually, Mae divorced Wolf in an Australian Court, deeply infuriating Wolf. Following this he decided to try and find her to make his anger known, but Mae hid herself away where he couldn't find her, and Wolf made a point of deciding to locate her later. 

During his career, Wolf learned about the mysterious Fifth Vertex located beneath Diego Garcia. The Vertex was once of six corners of a Machine created by super-ancient beings, which when restored with the six Pillars would save the planet from the Dark Star. Working with Dr. Felix Bonaventura, Wolf was able to deduce many things regarding the Machine and its component pieces, as well as some of the rewards granted to the holder of the Pillars once they were laid. Wolf came to desire the second reward in particular, heat, which Bonaventura interpreted to mean perpetual motion, and thus meant that they could create a safe fuel source.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Following Judah's failiure in the Capstone mission to secure power for the United States, which was instead given to Australia, the CIEF was officially shut down. However, many of its members, including Wolf, continued to operate, since the Caldwell group that funded CIEF originally were able to keep it running.

After learning that Australia had lost its invulnerability because of a counter-ceremony performed by the Japanese Blood Brotherhood, Wolf decided it was more critical than even to continue the restoration of the Machine. 

Over the next few months, Wolf negotiated a deal with China to share the Second Pillar's reward of heat, coming to work with Colonel Mao Gongli on the mission. Soon, he and Mao entered a bargain with the Saudi intelligence operative, Vulture, who sought the reward of the first Pillar, knowledge. Wolf agreed that the Saudis could have the First Pillar and its reward, however, being aware of Vulture's reputation to leave his allies once his ends were met, asserted that they would only get their Pillar once the Americans and Chinese secured the Second for themselves.

Wolf began making plans to secure the Firestone from Jack, who had kept it after the Capstone mission, and the Six Ramesean Stones in order to discover further necessary information regarding the Machine. Wolf's people soon discovered that one of the Sacred Stones, the Twin Tablets of Thuthmosis, were apparently buried in Lalibala, so Wolf opened a mining operation to find the Tablets, using the local persecuted Jewish people as slave labour.

Eventually, Vulture was able to learn where Jack and the Firestone were located, and Wolf began making preparations with the Chinese Major, Black Dragon, to invade the farm and take them both.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Legendary WarriorsEdit


After DeathEdit

When she learned of her ex-husband's death, Mae came out of hiding and resumed her public life. She didn't hold Jack responsible for Wolf's death, and gave no illusions as to her opinion of Wolf once she was freed of his shadow. (The Four Legendary Kingdoms)


Intelligent, yet conceited about it, Wolf looks down on anyone who isn't as smart as he is. He is obsessed with securing power for himself, and occassionally for his own country, and refuses to allow anything to stand in his way, even compassion. Some of his ideals are frowned upon greatly. Wolf feels a great sense of patriotism, and was heavily infuriated when his ex-wife divorced him in an Australian Court to spite his ego.


  • As has been shown with the concept of yin-yang, Wolf does have some good inside of him, as demonstrated when he allowed Jack to live after his assistance getting through the Third Vertex.