JJ Wickham, also known as the Sea Ranger, is one of Jack West Jr's best friends, as well as his brother-in-law.


Early HistoryEdit

JJ Wickham joined the U.S. Navy some time after he turned 18, and would eventually end up reaching the rank of captain.

At some point during the late 1980's to early 1990's, Wickham became associated with the Australian SAS operative Jack West Jr, with the pair eventually becoming best friends. Their friendship grew closer after Wickham met and married Jack's older sister, Lauren. Wickham evidently had no love for his father-in-law, Jonathon "Wolf" West Sr, as he would later note that Wolf was "the biggest asshole of a father-in-law a guy ever had".

Around 1996 to 1997, Lauren died in an airliner accident. Some time after this tragedy occurred, Wickham became stationed out of Diego Garcia, and was given the position of executive officer aboard a Sturgeon-class submarine.

One day, Wickham's sub came across an unregistered submarine piloted by Russian pirates, and Wickham's superior sent him and a boarding party to take control of the vessel and bring it to Diego Garcia. Inside the sub, Wickham was surprised to discover a CIA operative was assisting the pirates in shipping weapons to warlords in Eastern Africa as part of a CIA destablising mission. Part-way back to Diego Garcia, Wickham was contacted by Navy headquarters and ordered to relinquish the sub back to the CIA operative's command and send them back on their way.

Shocked that his superiors supported the arming of African warlords, Wickham decided that, since he no longer had a family without Lauren, that he would do the right thing himself by keeping the weapons . After setting the pirates and CIA operative afloat on a life-raft, Wickham encouraged most of the men in his boarding party to leave as well, but a few who agreed with his actions decided to stay on with him as a skeleton crew.

Even as he was court-martialled in absentia for desertion and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, Wickham decided to keep the Russian sub for himself in order to make his own patrols of the African coast. Wickham spent some time hiding out with Jack and his team at Victoria Station in Kenya to avoid the authorities, and often played games with the toddler Jack's team was protecting, Lily.

After the heat on him began dying down, Wickham set himself a base of operations in an old cave in Zanzibar, and proceeded to use the Russian sub, which he called the Indian Raider, to intercept weapons to warlords. Wickham also stole food and supplies from cargo ships, which he would give away to the people of Africa, and in return the people gave him the nickname Sea Ranger and called him a hero, despite the American and British navies designating him a pirate. 

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

In late 2006, Sea Ranger poached a shipment of weapons from an American vessel, which prompted an Australian general to visit Jack and inquire if he had seen or heard from Sea Ranger, to which Jack claimed he hadn't seen his brother-in-law since before he went rogue.

During the New Year's celebration on the helicopter pad at the Burj al Arab, Sea Ranger made a brief appearance to see Jack and his friends, along with Soloman Kol. Jack warned him that he needed to be careful when grabbing CIA weapons shipments lest they increase the intensity of their search for him, however the Sea Ranger scoffed that they could try, taking note of Jack's recent victory against the American military as proof they could be beaten. After suggesting that Jack visit him in Zanzibar some time, Sea Ranger proceeded to slip away from the celebrations unnoticed during the fireworks.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit


The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit



A man with strong morals, JJ Wickham is far from the villain that his former superiors have made him out to be. He puts the needs of others above himself, and this is best shown in the assistance he gives to the poor people of Eastern Africa, becoming a hero to them.