Ira Barker, also known as Ironbark, is a SEAL team leader.


Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Ira Barker joined the U.S. SEAls, where he gained the call-sign Ironbark.

Before Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

For several weeks, Barker and his team were in the Arctic doing extreme-cold weather training, along with the submarine U.S.S. Miami.

Scarecrow and the Army of ThievesEdit

When they recieved word that a nearby former Soviet base had been taken over by the Army of Thieves and an atmospheric weapon was being prepared for use, Ironbarkwas ordered to infiltrate Dragon Island and sabotage the Tesla device. While en-route, Ironbark rudely told the commander of a Marine testing unit also nearby, Shane Schofield, to hold back and wait for him and his SEAL team to take out the threat, seeing them as nothing more than an annoyance and thinking that they would get in his way.

When Ironbark and his team arrive at Dragon, they attempt to use a submarine dock to gain access to the island's facilities. However, Ironbark and his team were massacred by the awaiting members of the Army of Thieves, and Ironbark was presumed to have being killed with the others.

Later, Ironbark is revealed to have survived, and while Schofield had set about trying to recover the red uranium spheres to prevent the tesla device from working, Ironbark shut off the gas emitter, creating a safe zone between Dragon and the gaseous atmosphere, so that even if the sphere-tipped missiles were launched, the atmosphere wouldn't ignite. As soon as the Lord of Anarchy attempted to set the the weapon off, the entire Army realised what had happened and Ironbark was quickly captured.

He was kept in the gas works, and tortured via electricution, along with a person at Schofield's camp, Jeff Hartigan. Later on, Schofield and two other members of his team, Gena "Mother" Newman and Jean-Claude Huguenot, were also captured and brought to the gasworks for torture. To show Schofield what was in store for him, the Lord of Anarchy had Ironbark electrocuted, but this time he was drenched in water, making the shock fatal, killing the SEAL leader. His body was then sent along a conveyer belt and into a furnace.



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