Iolanthe Compton-Jones is a British Royal and a member of the Four Legendary Kingdoms.


Early HistoryEdit

Iolanthe Compton-Jones was born as a royal. She and her older brother, Orlando, became members of the Kingdom of Land that included their British homeland, as part of the ancient group known as the Four Legendary Kingdoms. Because of her membership in the Four Kingdoms, Iolanthe was taught about the true history of mankind, as well as learning of the five trials set by super-ancient beings to test humanity.

Iolanthe, being a royal, was also allowed to access her family's talisman, one of the six Pillars, the Fourth, of the Machine. She worked very closely with her Russian cousin, Vladimir "Carnivore" Romanov, on attempting to relocate the components of the Machine that had become lost over the millennia, but as he was the current King of Land, she was subordinate to him on the project. She disliked his vicious and selfish nature, and only remained allied with him since her British relatives believed that their alliance would be beneficial to all the royal families in the Kingdom of Land.

At some point she was given the position of Official Keeper of the Royal Records for the House of Windsor. From this she was allowed to see much of the history and information the royals had on the Machine and how its components were affected over the years.

Before The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Some time after the mission to restore the Golden Capstone in 2006, Iolanthe and Carnivore discovered the alliance between Jack "Wolf" West Sr, Mao Gongli, Vulture and Scimitar to find the remaining Pillars and restore the Machine to prevent the Dark Sun from destroying life on Earth. Carnivore had Iolanthe join them so that she could find out what they knew and, if possible, procure the Pillars for them.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

When Jack West Jr. asked Astro to have Paul Robertson contact the British Royals to request the use of their Pillar, Iolanthe was chosen to take the Pillar to the meeting of nations on Mortimer Island. Upon arrival, Iolanthe showed off the Pillar and was introduced formally to Jack and Lily, the latter of whom she was more pleased to meet. She was amused by Lily's pride in Zoe Kissane's 'Princess' call-sign, but was taken down a peg when Jack pointed out the fact that her family name came from a house.

Once the dates for the laying of the Pillars and the First Vertex were determined through two of the other Six Sacred Stones, Iolanthe allowed her Pillar to be cleansed by the Philosopher's Stone. As Jack and his team prepared to leave for the First Vertex at Abu Simbel, Iolanthe stated that she had other information on the Pillars that she had to share, so he told her to accompany them.

En-route, while Iolanthe was out of the room, Vulture questioned Iolanthe's trustworthiness, and most of the others agreed that the royals had their own agenda. Iolanthe caught on to the discussion as they wondered where the other Pillars were likely to be and the necessity of royalty, adding her own opinion as well as noting that the rebuilding of the Machine was likely to change everything. Later in private, she discussed the team's loyalty to Jack, and informed him the Second Pillar's likely resting place with the Neetha.

At Abu Simbel, Iolanthe ventured out with the others onto the lake, and waited on the surface as Jack, Max "Wizard" Epper and Zoe laid the Pillar. Once it was done, Lieutenant Ashmont and his team took the other team members hostage, as Iolanthe had arranged for them to lie in wait, and they proceeded to take the Pillar, Wizard and Lily, and left Jack, Zoe, Astro, Pooh Bear and Alby to the crocodiles. However, as they arrived at their cars, some Japanese men disguised as tourists suddenly suicide bombed them in an attempt to destroy the Pillar, Firestone and Philosopher's Stone. While Iolanthe was lucky enough to only be knocked unconscious, Wizard fled with Lily and the Pillar, and shortly afterward she was recovered by Wolf's men.

Later, Iolanthe joined Wolf at his mine in Ethiopia, where he had most of the Coalition team captive, and waited outside as he dealt with his son.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

Iolanthe was in Cape Town during the placing of the Second Pillar beneath Table Mountain, and she, Wolf, Rapier, Mao, Vulture and Scimitar discussed their next move for the placing of the remaining Pillars, with Iolanthe pointing out her continued possession of the Fourth Pillar, and the suspicion that the Japanese Imperials still had the Third.

Over the next few months, Carnivore's agent with Jack's team, Diane Cassidy, who had been rescued by them from the Neetha, informed Iolanthe and Carnivore of the team's discoveries by their research into the Five Greatest Warriors. The royals' spy network also revealed Pooh Bear, Stretch, Julius and Lachlan recovering the Basin of Rameses from the British Museum, and Iolanthe had them tracked to Scotland where they recovered water from the Spring of the Black Poplar.

It was as they were heading back to England that Iolanthe intercepted them, but rather than take the Basin from them, she set up a video link to Carnivore back in Russia, who had captured all of the others involved in the quest to rebuilt the Machine. Carnivore explained to all his plan to take all of the Pillars from them and lay the Sixth by forcing them through holding hostages, and arranged for Jack, Lily and Sky Monster with the Fifth Pillar to meet Iolanthe at Diego Garcia where the Fifth Vertex was located.

Upon meeting Jack at Diego Garcia, Iolanthe joked about him being single after the revelation of Zoe having slept with someone else, and they were led by General Dyer and Felix Bonaventura into the Fifth Vertex. She waited in the crane while Jack and Lily navigated the Vertex's traps, however Bonaventura accidentally set off the trap system before Jack reached the bottom. Iolanthe joined Jack at the pyramid's peak, and despite him half-expectating that she might allow him to hall into the abyss once he set the Pillar, Jack was surprised that Iolanthe actually kept him from been swept away. Once Diego Garcia's forces turned on them, Iolanthe was quick to stay by Jack's side as he led them to escape on the Halicarnassus.

When Jack made clear his plan to retrieve the Sixth Pillar from Jesus Christ's Tomb before Vulture's team got it, Iolanthe admitted she was unsure of whether her loyalty to her family was worthwhile, while he had certainly gained hers, and offered to let him join her in bed, however Jack decided not to take her up on it. Despite this, Iolanthe joined Jack and Lily as they ventured into the ancient salt mine above Jesus' tomb, however once Jack got the Pillar they were confronted by Vulture and Scimitar. Once Pooh and Stretch arrived and killed them, Iolanthe helped Jack take them back to the surface.

However Carnivore was waiting for them, and Iolanthe returned to her cousin's side. As Carnivore debated about what to do about Jack, she suggested that they let him live, claiming that he was special, but Carnivore decided it was too risky. As Jack and Cieran began fighting, Iolanthe fled with Carnivore and began making their way to the Sixth Vertex on Easter Island, taking the Pillar and Lily with them.

During the placing ceremony, Jack interupted them by crashing the Halicarnassus into the Vertex, and killed Carnivore and his men. Iolanthe remained silent as Jack warned her not to give him a reason to kill her. When Lily placed the Pillar and gained the reward of Power, Iolanthe and Alexander feared they would be next after seeing her kill Mao and Diane with ease, but luckily Jack got her back under control. Jack allowed Iolanthe to join him and Lily as they retreated to Sea Ranger's submarine, and was dropped off in New Zealand to make her own way home.

Jack noted that they were likely to see her again, unsure as to whether she would be an ally or enemy when that time came.

Between The Five Greatest Warriors and The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit


When the fourth participant that would have represented the Kingdom of Land perished shortly before the Games were to begin, Iolanthe suggested to her brother that they use Jack as a replacement. When Orlando agreed, Iolanthe used their kingdom's resources in Australia to have General Redbeard manipulate his superior into bringing Jack to the Pine Gap facility after they used its telescopic array to discover the Hydra galaxy.

Soon after Jack and some members of his team arrived at Pine Gap, and Jack was briefed on the approach of the Hydra galaxy, Iolanthe had her forces attack while Redbeard grabbed Jack and brought him and the others brought outside. She soon noticed Horus flying above them, and had one of her men shoot her down before they departed for the Underworld.

The Four Legendary KingdomsEdit



Iolanthe Compton-Jones is a very complex woman. Her status as a royal from the House of Windsor plays a role in this, where she has been expected to remain loyal to her royal equals above the masses. Holding an important position allows her access to much knowledge, and thus leverage.

Iolanthe's loyalty and beliefs, while on occassion for her own, is beneficial to her family, and nowhere near as such for those she allies with. On rare occassions where she has acted for others, it has been only in the hope of recieving something for herself. When it comes to her status as a member of the Four Legendary Kingdoms, however, Iolanthe's almost non-existent empathy for those beneath her is made clearer. 

Despite this, she is all too aware of the power wielded by the Kingdoms, and if her King orders her to do something she rather would not, she would go along with it without voicing her protests. This is what makes it hard for anyone to truly pin her down as an ally or enemy.


Jack West Jr.Edit

Shortly after Jack and Iolanthe met in The Six Sacred Stones, it became clear that she found him attractive. They were never romantically involved beyond a brief kiss shared in Jack's cabin aboard the Halicarnassus in The Five Greatest Warriors. The kiss took place after Jack found out from Carnivore that Zoe had slept with another man after the Capstone mission. After he saved her life in the Fifth Vertex, Iolanthe invited Jack to her cabin after the kiss, but he declined to join her.

While neither of them bring it up again, Iolanthe did ask Carnivore to consider sparing Jack, suggesting that she held no resentment, perhaps still hoping that Jack might change his mind. However, she was revealed to have been quite disheartened to learn that Jack married Zoe after The Five Greatest Warriors.


  • Iolanthe is thus far the only female antagonist to survive through three novels.

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