The Indian Raider is a Russian-built submarine which was appropriated by JJ "Sea Ranger" Wickham, who began using it as his personal sub.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Early HistoryEdit

During the mid 1990's, the unregistered Kilo-class submarine that would later be known as the Indian Raider came to be used by the CIA and a crew of Russian pirates to transport weapons to warlords in Eastern Africa as part of an ongoing CIA destablising mission.

In 1997 to 1998, a Sturgeon-class submarine carrying JJ Wickham came across the Kilo-class sub, and Wickham's superior sent him and a boarding party to take control of the vessel and pilot it to Diego Garcia. Inside the sub, Wickham was surprised to discover a CIA operative was assisting the pirates, and part-way back to Diego Garcia, Wickham was contacted by Navy headquarters and ordered to relinquish the sub back to the CIA operative's command and send them back on their way. Shocked that his superiors supported the arming of African warlords, Wickham decided that he would do the right thing himself by keeping the weapons. After setting the pirates and CIA operative afloat on a life-raft, Wickham encouraged most of the men in his boarding party to leave as well, but a few who agreed with his actions decided to stay on with him as a skeleton crew.

Wickham decided to keep the Russian sub for himself in order to make his own patrols of the African coast. After hiding out for a short period until the search for his died down, Wickham set himself a base of operations in an old cave in Zanzibar, and proceeded to use the Russian sub, which he began calling the Indian Raider, to intercept weapons to warlords. Wickham also stole food and supplies from cargo ships, which he would give away to the people of Africa, and in return the people gave him the nickname Sea Ranger and called him a hero. The American and British navies, however, designated him a pirate, and continually made attempts to locate him and the Indian Raider.

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