The Intercontinental Guards, Unit 88, or simply IG-88, is a bounty hunting organisation of mercenaries.



IG-88 interupted an Allied invasion of an Al-Queda mine, taking the heads of two British soldiers and kidnapping Elizabeth Gant in the hope of using her to get to Shane Schofield.

Known MembersEdit

Goals Edit

IG-88 only exists to follow up on bounty hunting opportunities. They are led by the Demon, who is the best bounty hunter in the world.

Equipment Edit

  • Modified Lynx helicopters
  • MetalStorm M100 assault rifles
  • Colt .45 pistols
  • RDX grenades


  • The name for IG-88 is based on the IG-88 assassin droid from Star Wars, which itself was a bounty hunter.

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