Hugh Gordon, call-sign Flash, is a U.S Delta Force operator.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Hugh Gordon joined the U.S. Delta Force, where he gained the call-sign Flash.

When a DARPA project on Hell Island was ordered to test the effectiveness of their gorilla soldiers against special forces teams, Gordon and his team were called in to protect Malcolm Knox and the other scientists, should the other special operations teams discover their treachery and come after them.

To make it appear that they were a part of the apparent exercise alongside the other forces, Gordon and his unit were briefed along with the Marines, SEALs and 82nd Airborne teams.

Hell IslandEdit

During their HALO drop onto Hell Island, Gordon took charge of the other military units involved, 'reminding' them of their objectives while he and his team secured the island itseld. The Marine leader, Shane Schofield, did not appreciate Gordon's attitude.

However, when the only remaining unit, Schofield and his few remaining Marines, attempted to blow the super-soldier gorillas up, Knox stopped him, with Gordon and his men covering the DARPA scientists as they "congratulated" the Marines. When Schofield asked why Gordon and his men had been involved at all, Knox replied that it was in case anyone turned on the DARPA men, before asking Gordon to lead Schofield and his team away.

But Knox did not intend for them to leave alive, and Gordon and his men prepared to shoot the Marines. Before they could, Mother jammed the signal preventing the gorillas from attacking those they had been ordered not to, causing them to kill the DARPA scientists. Before Gordon or his men could do anything, Schofield and his Marines killed the Delta men before escaping.