Hoodaya, also referred to as Hoods, are a species of alien that are used like hunting dogs by Bellos' people.


Before ContestEdit

At some point, Bellos and his pack of Hoods managed to kill a Karanadon before; the incident became the only recorded example of a Karanadon being successfully hunted and killed in the wild.

When Bellos was selected to be his people's contestant in the seventh Presidian, the Malonian desired victory so much that he decided that he would bring his Hoodaya with him to assist, despite it being against the rules.

Bellos came up with a plan to teleport his Hoods into the labyrinth; as soon as his guide entered the labyrinth's co-ordinates into the teleporter, Bellos knocked him out and had an ally prepare a teleporter to send them one by one to his location. After all of the Hoods were transported, Bellos' ally then teleported another teleporter to their location so that Bellos could send the Hoods back to their world to avoid them being discovered after the Presidian was over. 




Hoods are exceptionally fierce and vicious predators, that have not evolved into a race considered intelligent enough to compete in the Presidian. They are little more than hunting dogs, so far known only to be used by Malonians, including Bellos. They are described as being the size of a large dog, having scaly skin that is gunmetal black, and four bony, yet muscular, limbs, walking on all fours. Their heads are round, and their jaws are very wide.