Hobgoblins are ape-like mythical creatures.


Before Troll MountainEdit

For many years, the hobgoblins had a kingdom in the foothills of the Black Mountains, in an area now known as Forbidden Mountain. They took over an old cave system inside the mountain and filled it with booby traps. Their presence there was enough to put many trolls off of travelling to Forbidden Mountain since none of their kind would ever return.

The hobgoblins evidently abandoned Forbidden Mountain some years ago, although their traps and warnings remain.

Troll Mountain (Episode II)Edit

On their journey to Troll Mountain, Raf, Ko and Düm attempted to use Forbidden Mountain as an alternative route. While inside, they were attacked by a gang of eleven hobgoblins. While being pursued to the drawbridge above the thermal lake, Düm managed to knock two into the steaming water before he and Ko tried holding them off. As Raf lowered the bridge, an attacking hobgoblin was ripped into by a mountain wolf. As a third hobgolbin was knocked off the bridge, the trio made it across and Düm destroyed the bridge supports, sending another three hobgoblins into the steaming lake. The remaining  five hobgoblins, trapped on the other side, were all attacked and killed by more mountain wolves.

After Raf was captured on Troll Mountain and brought to the Great Hall, he spied two hobgolbins who were acting as the Troll King's jesters.

Troll Mountain (Episode III)Edit

The two hobgoblin jesters pantomimed a quick fatal battle on the fighting platform before Raf and Grondo were set to fight.

Both of these hobgoblins likely perished when Troll Mountain collpased.



Hobgoblins are creatures who resemble humans and apes. They are smaller than men, usually about 5 feet tall, and appear even shorter as they typically run on their legs and knuckles, like apes. Their skin is coarse, like black leather, and bristly. They have pointy ears and hunched backs due to the way they move. They tend to be thin and wiry and can survive in extreme conditions. 


Among the groups who inhabit the Black Mountains, the hobgoblins are the most unpleasant. Hobgoblins tend to be cunning and crafty, but they are not considered as intelligent as other species, even trolls, because they do not plan for the future and simply destroy. They have a distinctive cackling laugh that they use to intimidate their foes.

Although cunning, a lone hobgoblin poses little threat as it can be easily overcome and is quick to flight. Packs of hobgoblins, on the other hand, can be extremely dangerous. They have been known to eat a man alive and overcome single rogue trolls. When armed with swords, a gang of hobgoblins can be particularly difficult to fight. Hobgoblins take great pleasure in killing, especially if the victim appears to be afraid.



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