Herman Hessler is a Nazi archaeologist.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Herman Hessler and Hans Koenig were both founding members of the Nazi party, and were reportedly best budies with Hitler himself.

In 1941, they both led an expedition to locate the pices of the Golden Capstone, starting with Hamilcar's lost refuge in Tunisia. Their U-342 submarine surfaced in the refuge, and they made their way to the Piece's location. However the traps Hessler and Koenig faced multiple trap systems, and Hessler was trapped on the raised island by volcanic mud, and died of starvation.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

During a battle between different nations to restore the Capstone in 2006, Jack West Jr. found Hessler's skeleton near the Ancient Wonders, and took his notebook full of historical finds related to the Capstone.

Koenig, who had survived their expedition, was revealed to have made a copy of Hessler's notes, and passed them on to the American forces, and was working with them to restore the Capstone.


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