Henry Chaser is the adoptive father of Jason and the Bug, and a classic couch coach.


Before Hover Car RacerEdit

Because Henry and his wife Martha were unable to have children themselves, they instead opted to raise orphans, and over 40 years they raised 14 children. When they decided to adopt Jason, they were asked to take the Bug as well, since he couldn't stand to be away from Jason. However the Bug only grew close to Martha, allowing her to be able to touch him, however he did not extend this to Henry for unknown reasons. 

Henry taught Jason and the Bug how to drive hover carts when they were only five and three on his farm, and also taught them much about the sport of hover car racing, which he gleaned from watching the sport on television.

Hover Car RacerEdit

Qualifying for the International Race School & Begining Race SchoolEdit


The Sponser's Tournament & The Italian RunEdit


Jason's Recovery & The New York MastersEdit




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