Henri Rae is a French scientist from the d'Urville research station.


Ice StationEdit

Rae was stationed at d'Urville ice station in Antarctica when it received a distress call from Wilkes claiming a diving team had disappeared after fining an alien ship. He was sent along with Luc Champion and a team of paratroopers to secure the station, and the spacecraft, for the French.

At first, the scientists and the newly arrived U.S Marines led by Shane Schofield believed him and the other French to be scientist seeking only to help out, though Rae was extremely nervous around them, and soon their ruse was uncovered. During the firefight in the station, Rae and Luc hid, but when the Marines defeated the paratroopers, they were handcuffed to a pole on E-deck.

When British SAS troops began to head for Wilkes, Schofield decided to abandon Wilkes, but left Rae, Luc and the ICG traitor Snake behind. When the Trevor Barnaby and the SAS arrived, Luc was shot in the head by Nero while trying to demand their release. When Barnaby if Rae was also French, the scientists could only whimper before Barnaby ordered Rae's death as well, his protest cut off as Nero shot him.


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