Harold Hogan, also known as Hulk or Hulk Hogan, was a member of Shane Schofield's Marine unit on its mission to Hell Island.


Early HistoryEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Harold Hogan joined the United States Marine Corps, where he gained the call-sign Hulk.

Hell IslandEdit

Hulk accompanied Schofield, Mother, Sanchez, Bigfoot, Astro, and several other Marines to Hell Island and boarded the Nimtz. Hulk went with his team to the bridge where they find a lurid scene and hear the distress call from the SEAL team who are attacked and killed. Wanting to know what caused it, Schofield and his team venture to the hangar.

In the hangar, Hulk and the others find a miniature battlefield made for gorilla soldiers that had been made. Hulk and the team are attacked by the gorillas and are redused down to himself, Schofield, Mother, Astro, Sanchez, and Bigfoot who attempt to escape the creatures in trucks. Hulk goes with Astro, Mother, and Sanchez, but Hulk is killed when he is dragged off the truck and beaten by the gorillas.

Hulk is later avenged along with the others who died when Schofield destroys the gorillas and their creators.



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