Harley Roach, also known as Romeo, is a U.S. Marine.


Before Ice StationEdit

Through unknown circumstances, Harley Roach joined the United States Marine Corps, where he gained the call-sign Romeo. During his career, he came to know Shane Schofield.

Ice Station Edit

Romeo and his team of Marines were ordered to assist in securing a perimeter around an ice station in Antarctica, along with a platoon of Army Rangers and Green Berets. After the perimiter was formed, Romeo recieved an outgoing call from the station from Schofield, who told him that the target was secured. Romeo admitted he had no idea what was happening, and told him that they'd been outside for a while with orders not to enter. After asking Schofield to switch to the private channel, Romeo informed his fellow Marine about how a Navy SEAL team was going to soon enter the station.

Schofield told Romeo how the Intelligence Convergence Group had planted men in his unit and tried to kill him, all for an apparent alien spaceship that was not really alien, and now the SEALs were going to finish him off. Romeo decided to try talking to the Ranger leader, Arlin Brookes, however the Ranger Captain refused to let Romeo or his men in or else they would be killed. Romeo told Schofield how the USS Wasp was offshore and a squadron of F-22s were circling around searching for a rogue British fighter, right before the SEALs arrived to enter the station.

As soon as the British fighter was shot down, the SEALs entered the station, however the perimiter units learned of an incoming nuclear missile. As he organised his men to get to a safe distance, Romeo tried contacting Schofield to let him know of the danger. When he eventually got through to him, Romeo told Schofield how long he had until the nuke hit, and apologised for not being able to do more before leaving.



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