Hans Koenig is a former Nazi working for the CIEF.


Before Seven Ancient WondersEdit

Hans Koenig and Herman Hessler were both founding members of the Nazi party, and were reportedly best buddies with Hitler himself. In 1941 they both led an expedition to locate the pices of the Golden Capstone, starting with Hamilcar's lost refuge in Tunisia.

Their U-342 submarine surfaced in the refuge, and they made their way to the Piece's location. However Koenig and Hessler faced multiple trap systems, and when Hessler was killed by one, Koenig decided not to push his luck and fled. He was captured by British forces in Tobruk after his escape from the Refuge, and was handed over to the Americans for interogation.

Up until 2006, Koenig continued to live in the United States, and changed his alligience to Colonel Marshall Judah and the CIEF, presumably so that he could still live to see the Capstone restored, supplying them with information from his copy of Hessler's notebook.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

When Judah's men subdued Francisco del Piero and his Europeon forces at Luxor Airport, Koening was introduced to del Piero and the first twin born of the Oracle of Siwa, Alexander.

Replicating the measurements and angles from the second obelisk in Paris to discover the tomb of Alexander the Great, Koening helped to uncover its location, and with it the topmost piece of the Capstone. Inside, Koening took measurements of the chamber at Judah's request, and Max Epper pointed out that they were the same as St Peter's Basilica.

During the ritual ceremony on top of the Giza Pyramid to give the U.S. ultimate power, Koening was present at the top of the erected platform. When Jack West Jr. and his team interupted, Koening attempted to dispatch the Australian soldier with a knife, but Jack shot the old man twice, the blows sending him over the platform to the ground below.



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