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The Halicarnassus, sometimes just known as the Hali, is a specially modified Boeing 747 plane which was once owned by Saddam Huissein and then Jack West Jr, primarily piloted by his friend Sky Monster.


Early HistoryEdit

The Halicarnassus was originally one of Saddam Huissein's many escape planes hidden around the country, for in case he ever needed to flee. When Jack West Jr was in Basra, he stole the Halicarnassus in order to escape certain death, and claimed the plane as his own, retaining it's name.

Huissein was reportedly furious as the Halicarnassus's theft, wanting it back right up until the time he was captured.

Seven Ancient WondersEdit

After a mission to find the Golden Capstone and protect the daughter of the Oracle of Siwa was made between seven countries, Jack allowed the Halicarnassus to be flown and looked after by the New Zealand Air Force pilot, Sky Monster. During the time they spent protecting Lily in the team's Kenyan farm, Jack kept the Halicarnassus in a hidden hanger, where Max "Wizard" Epper modified the plane's engines with a Retrograde Thrust System to make it capable of VTOL.

The Six Sacred StonesEdit

Jack kept the Halicarnassus at another hidden hanger on his new farm in Australia, which when invaded was used to help Jack and his friends escape to the United Arab Emirates.

The Halicarnassus was damaged during the team's escape from Abu Simbel, having one of its engines destroyed, and Sky Monster remained with the Hali until Kol Soloman's friends arrived with repair supplies.

The Five Greatest WarriorsEdit

The Halicarnassus' forward landing gear was damaged by Carnivore's men in the Dead Sea. Julius and Lachlan Adamson helped Jack launch it using a jeep as a crude replacement for the landing gear, sending it off on its final flight to the sixth Vertex.

Jack, knowing he would not be able to land it safely, intentionally crashed the Hali into the entrance of the vertex, where it was washed inside by a tsunami. In order to prevent Carnivore from placing the pillar, Jack released the remaining wing, crashing it into the battlement before the Vertex, which under the Halicarnassuss weight crumpled, taking the Halicarnassus and Jack West Sr. with it into the deep chasm.



The Halicarnassus' main cabin contains a comms room, barracks and Jack's office. The hold is used to store many kinds of terrestial vehicles, and is capable of using a grappling hook to bring in anything hooked on.


It features black radar absorbent paint, odd multiangled edges and has had its location transponder removed.

VTOL FlightEdit

Wizard modified the Halicarnassus' engines to with electromagnetic Retrograde Thrusters to allow it the ability to hover when facing directly upright. This was used in Seven Ancient Wonders during the battle at the Great Pyramid of Giza. Whether or not it was capable of performing this feat again afterwards is unclear.


  • The Halicarnassus was named after an ancient Greek city located in Turkey.
    • The city was also the site of the sixth Ancient Wonder, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (however in the novel the Wonder was changed into the fictional Hamilcar's Refuge).
  • The plane's name was etched into the hull when Jack liberated it, and he decided to keep it because he liked the name.

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